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Psychological and Medical Anthropology: Recommended Supplements

Recommended Supplements

Berger, Peter L. and Thomas Luckmann (1966), The social construction of reality: a treatise in the sociology of knowledge

Cancian, Francesca (1968), “Varieties of functional analysis,” International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, D. Sills, ed., vol. 6, pp. 29-43.  Online access, UCSD only.

Carrithers, Michael (1992), Why humans have cultures: explaining anthropology and social diversity

Cole, Michael (1996)  Cultural Psychology: A once and future discipline 

Corrigan, John  2004  Religion and Emotion: Approaches and Interpretations.  

Freud, Sigmund (1923), The ego and the id 

Freud, Sigmund (1926), Inhibitions, symptoms, and anxiety

Freud, Sigmund (1930), Civilization and its discontents

Kirschner, Suzanne(1996), The religious and romantic origins of psychoanalysis: individuation and integration in post-Freudian Theory

Mintz, Sidney W. (1982), “Culture: an anthropological view,” Yale Review 17(4): 499-512

Mitchell, Stephen and Margaret Black (1995), Freud and beyond: a history of modern psychoanalytic thought

Ortner, Sherry (1984), “Theory in Anthropology since the Sixties,” Comparative Studies in Society and History 26: 126-166

Paul, Robert (1991), “Freud’s Anthropology: a reading of the ‘Cultural Books,’ ” ch. 1 in Understanding Freud, E. Garcia, ed.

Poirier, Frank and Jeffrey McKee (1999), “Our place in the animal kingdom,” ch. 3 in Understanding human evolution, pp. 36-54

Quinn, Naomi and Claudia Strauss, eds. (2006) Missing Psychology in Cultural Anthropology's Key Words.  Special issue of Anthropological Theory 6 (3).  Online access, UCSD only.

Rodseth, Lars, Richard Wrangham, Alisa Harrigan, and Barbara Smuts (1991), “The human community as a primate society,” Current Anthropology 32(3):221-254.  Online access, UCSD only.

Sapir, Edward (1931-7 [2002]), The psychology of culture: a course of lectures, reconstructed and edited by Judith T. Irvine  (Sapir was a foundational figure for both pyscholgical and linguistic anthropology)

Spiro, Melford E. (1994), Culture and Human Nature.

Stein, Howard ([1986] 1994), “Cultural relativism as the central organizing resistance in cultural anthropology,” ch. 6 in The Dream of Culture: essays on culture’s elusiveness

Wrong, Dennis H. (1961), “The oversocialized conception of man in modern sociology,” American Sociological Review, 26(2): 183-183-193. Online access, UCSD only.

Book series:

Ethnographic Studies in Subjectivity (T. Luhrmann and S. Parish) editors; UC Press (mixed in how much they focus on experience).  Search individual titles in UC Library Searchfor UCSD holdings. 

Society of Psychological Anthropology Book SeriesSearch individual titles in UC Library Searchfor UCSD holdings.