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Psychological and Medical Anthropology: Ethos (Journal of the Society for Psychological Anthropology) : Notable Issues

Ethos (Journal of the Society for Psychological Anthropology) : Notable Issues

Notable Issues of Ethos, Journal of the Society for Psychological Anthropology.  Online access, UCSD only.

Willen, Sarah S. and Don Seeman, eds. (2012)  Horizons of experience: reinvigorating dialogue between phenomenological and psychoanalytic anthropologies. Ethos 40 (2).

Anderson-Frye, Eileen P. and Jill E. Korbin, eds. (2011)  Psychological anthropology and adolescent well-being: steps toward briding research, practice, and policy. Ethos 39 (4)

Barlow, Kathleen and Bambi L. Chapin, eds. (2010)  Mothering as everyday practice.  Ethos 38 (4).

Bagatell, Nancy and Olga Solomon, eds. (2010)  Rethinking autism, rethinking anthropologyEthos 38 (1).

Brown, Ryan A. and Harold L. Odden, eds. (2009)  The organization of diversity: developmental perspectivesEthos 37 (2).

Hollan, Douglas and Throop, C. Jason, eds.  (2008)  Whatever happened to empathy?  Ethos 36 (4). 

Mattingly, Charyl and Nancy C. Lutkehaus, C. Jason Throop, eds. (2008)  Troubling the boundary between psychology and anthropology: Jerome Bruner and his inspirationEthos 36 (1).

(2005) [Issue with focus on Robert Levy].  Ethos 33 (4)

(2005) [Issue with focus on parental acceptance-rejection].  Ethos 33 (3)

Frank, Katherine, et al., eds. (2004)  Contributions to a feminist psychological anthropologyEthos 32 (4).

(2003) The Cultural Construction of ChildhoodEthos 31 (2).

Csordas, Thomas J. and Janis H. Jenkins, eds.  History and subjectivity.  Ethos 28 (4).

(2000).  Special section: Japanese cultures and communities.  Ethos 28 (2).

Desjarlais, Robert and Theresa O'Nell, eds. The pragmatic turn in psychological anthropology. Ethos 27 (4).

(1999).  Body, self, and technology.  Ethos 27 (3).

Wilce, James M., ed. (1998)  Communicating multiple identities in Muslim communitiesEthos 26 (2).

Danziger, Eve, ed. (1998)  Language, space, and culture. Ethos 26 (1).

(1997).  Special section: Life stories.  Ethos 25 (4).

 (1997) Ethnographic standpoints.  Ethos 25 (2).

(1990)  The conceptual politics of raceEthos 25 (1)