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Research Data Management: Storing, Preserving, & Publishing Your Data

Research data management planning, concepts, support, UC San Diego Research Data Curation Program

Back Up Your Data

"Lots of copies keep stuff safe." Keep at least 3 copies of your data, in separate locations:

Data Identifiers

Assigning a permanent data identifier enables you and others to cite your data even if the location of your dataset moves.

EZID service (UC Curation Center) allows you to register and obtain a permanent identifier for your dataset, even before you've created or stored it in a location. Metadata can be updated as information about your data and/or the location of your data changes. For more information or to register for a UC San Diego EZID, contact Mary Linn Bergstrom

How to Cite Data (DataCite)

Data Repositories

There are a number of options for where you can deposit your data for long-term archiving.

Merritt repository (California Digital Library)
A repository service that lets the UC community archive its valuable digital content.

A Center for Research Libraries (CRL) audit has certified Chronopolis as a “trustworthy digital repository” that meets accepted best practices in the management of digital repositories. Chronopolis provides geographically distributed, replicated preservation of data with curatorial audit reporting.

Discipline-specific or multi-disciplinary data repositories. See Purdue's Databib clearinghouse or the Open Access Directory hosted by Simmons to search/browse by subject area. These include: