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Pacific Islands Studies: Tuzin Archive for Melanesian Anthropology


The Tuzin Archive for Melanesian Anthropology at the University of California, San Diego, is comprised primarily of the personal papers of individual anthropologists, documenting research on the cultures of the southwest Pacific Islands.  Formats in the component collections include manuscripts, photographs, sound recordings, film and video, correspondence, and other supporting documentation.  Online finding aids are available for most collections, linked from the catalog record. 

The Tuzin Archive, which includes over 300 linear feet of materials, is housed in the Special Collections & Archives, located in the Geisel Library building on the UC San Diego campus. Onsite use of the materials is open, subject to the SC&A policies.  A few collections have restricted access on certain items, at the request of the donor--these restrictions, if any, are noted in the relevant finding aid for each collection. Some collections are in off-site storage and may take up to one week to retrieve. Please contact the Special Collection & Archives to request this in advance.

The Tuzin Archive was founded in 1982 by the UC San Diego Department of Anthropology professors, Donald F. Tuzin (1945-2007) and Fitz John Porter Poole (1941-2002), in partnership with the UC San Diego Library. Early co-funding for the Archive was provided under the Title II-C program of the U.S. Department of Education, with additional funding from the Wenner-Grenn Foundation.  From its founding until 2012, the collection was known as the Melanesian Archive.  In April 2012 a new name, the Tuzin Archive for Melanesian Anthropology, was adopted.

The main collections which comprise the Tuzin Archive are listed in this guide, with links to records in the UCSD Libraries catalog.  A few other collections, which aren't part of the Tuzin Archive but which are of interest to Pacific Studies scholars, are also listed.  Many other collections with Pacific content will be found in the Scripps Institution of Oceanography Archives.


Cristela Garcia-Spitz, Curator, Tuzin Archive for Melanesian Anthropology



Collections A-Z by Author

Most of the collections listed here may be consulted in Special Collections & Archives.  Please note that some few collections are housed off-site and must be requested in advance.  A few of the collections (Forge, Hoffmeister) are not, strictly speaking, part of the Tuzin Archive, but are listed here in the interests of drawing attention to original manuscript materials which pertain to the Pacific.

  • Akin, DavidAudiorecordings, 1979-1997 (MSS 448). 206 audiocassettes, printed index.  Primarily field recordings made during anthropological fieldwork with the Kwaio people, Malaita, Solomon Islands. In Kwaio or Pidgin.
  • Ashton, C.P.M. (Christopher Philip MacKenzie) Audiorecordings, 1972-1975 (MSS 149). 23 audiocassettes. Radio interviews and documentaries made in Papua New Guinea  just prior to independence, by journalist Ashton. Notable interviewees include Margaret Mead and James Sinclair. Stored off-site at SRLF. Request one week in advance.
  • Ayres, Mary Clifton.Papers, 1979-1981 (MSS 113). 1 linear foot. (1 box).Field notes and tape recordings from ethnological research in the Morehead River Region, Western Province, Papua New Guinea. Stored off-site at SRLF. Request one week in advance.
  • Bergmann, Wilhelm.
    • Vierzig jahre in Neuguinea. 10 volumes.  Diaries, 1920-1970.  Author was a Lutheran missionary in the highlands of Papua New Guinea. Stored off-site at Annex. Request one working day in advance.
    • Die Kamanuku. 4 volumes. Unpublished typescript ethno­gra­phy of the Kamanuku people of Chimbu Province, PNG. Stored off-site at Annex. Request one working day in advance.
    • The Kamanuku.  4 volumes. Unpublished typscript ethnography, translated from German original. Stored off-site at Annex. Request one working day in advance.
  • Brown Glick, PaulaPapers, 1930-1990 (MSS 731). 4 linear ft.  Fieldnotes, photographs, slides, and other research materials relating to author’s anthropological fieldwork in Simbu (Chimbu) Province, Papua New Guinea
  • Bruce, James Stuart and Bruce, Stevey. Papers, photographs, and videos, 1957-1980 (MSS 673). 2 linear feet. Photographs, videos, scrapbooks, audiorecordings, typscript essays, documenting the authors' trips to Papua (Indonesia), Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu, between 1957 and 1980.
  • Burridge, Kenelm. Papers, 1952-1956 (MSS 710 and M-214.010). 2+ linear ft.  Unprocessed collection of fieldnotes, photographs, and other materials relating to Burridge’s work with the Tangu people of Madang Province, Papua New Guinea and his work in Australia and Malaya.
  • Chowning, Ann. Papers 1957-1994 (MSS 242). 9.4 linear foot. Typescript fieldnotes, subject notes, slides, photographs, paintings and unpublished conference papers relating to anthropological research with the Sengseng, Kove and Lakalai (Nakanai) peoples of West New Britain Province, and Molima people of Fergusson Island, Milne Bay Province. Unpublished conference papers also included.  See also the papers of Jane Goodale for extensive correspondence with Chowning. Also includes carbon copies of subject notes made by other anthropologists who worked with the Lakalai, including Charles Valentine, Edith Valentine and Ward Goodenough.
  • Colebatch, H. K. (Hal K.) and Colebatch, Peta. Papers, 1967-1976 (MSS 040). 6.2 linear feet. Subject files and unpublished writings by others, documenting Papua New Guinea's transition to independence. Includes Hal Colebatch's diaries of 1968, describing election-related events in  Western Highlands Province, as well as diaries of candidates in the election. Extensive series of writings of by others on PNG politics, social issues, &  constitutional development. Stored off-site at SRLF. Request one week in advance.
  • Conrad, Robert J. Papers, 1962-1990 (MSS 732). 2 linear ft.  Unprocessed collection of audio recordings, transcriptions, and other materials relating to linguistic research with the Arapesh and other languages of East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea.
  • Cook, Edwin A. and Pflanz-Cook, Susan. Papers, 1966-1980 (MSS 187). 20 linear feet. Fieldnotes, journals, subject files, photographs, genealogy charts, maps, & audiorecordings documenting anthropological research with the Manga Narak-speaking people of Western Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.  Photographs from the Cook collection have been digitized and are available online through the UC San Diego Library Digital Collections website.
  • Counts, Dorothy and Counts, DavidNew Britain journal and films, 1985 (MSS 576). 2.6 linear feet. Field journal (1985) and 16 mm film documenting ethnographic research with the Kaliai people, West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea.
  • DuToit, BrianResearch materials, 1961-62.  1.6 linear ft.  Films, audiotapes, color slides, and other materials documenting anthropological research with the Gadsup people of the Arona River Valley, Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.
  • Epstein, Arnold Leonard and Epstein, T. ScarlettPapers, 1949-1995 (MSS 022). 11.40 linear feet. Fieldnotes and other materials documenting anthropological fieldwork with the Tolai people of Matupit Island, East New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea, the 1968 election in PNG, market studies, and research in Zambia in the 1950's. Book-length unpublished typescript by A.L. Epstein, Melanesian Masquerade: The Male Cult Among the Tolai of the Gazelle Peninsula -- access to this item is closed until at least 2018, pending review by the Royal Anthropological Institute.
  • Forge, Anthony. Papers, 1960-1990 (MSS 411). 25.30 linear feet, plus oversize materials.  Fieldnotes, journals, subject notes, photographs, from Forge's fieldwork with the Abelam people, East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea,  1958-1963.  Correspondence, scholarly writings, photographs, audiorecordings, and films. Manuscripts of others, including a holograph journal by Gregory Bateson.  363 original paintings and drawings by Abelam artists, commissioned by Forge in 1962-1963, photographs of the paintings being created, notes on the motifs and myths associated with the paintings.
  • Fox, Charles Elliot. Papers, ca. 1924 (MSS 018). 0.6 linear feet. Photostat copies of Fox's manuscript for a dictionary, grammar, and transcribed tales of the Arosi language of San Cristobal Island, Solomon Islands; a dictionary and grammar of the Lau language of Malaita. Stored off-site at SRLF. Request one week in advance.
  • Freeman, Derek. Papers, 1940-2000 (MSS 522). 70.10 linear feet. Collection documenting Freeman’s research on the Polynesian culture of Samoa in the 40s and 60s, British social anthropology, psychoanalytical and ethological interests, studies and critiques of the Samoan field research of Margaret Mead. Original field notes and research instruments, an index to the fieldnotes, intellectual and personal correspondence.
  • Gajdusek, D. Carleton. Journals, reprints, video recordings, 1954-1996 (MSS 421). 14 linear feet. Materials relating to Gajdusek’s career, particularly medical expeditions in Papua New Guinea and research on kuru disease among the Fore people.  Some restrictions.
  • Goodale, Jane. Papers. 1948-1997 (MSS 643). 15.7 linear feet. Materials pertaining to fieldwork with the Kaulong speaking people of West New Britain Province, Papua New Guinea, conducted in 1960s and 1970s. Fieldnotes, journals, subject notes, conference papers, ca. 9000 color slides, and audiorecordings of music. Extensive correspondence including letters to and from collaborator and co-author, Ann Chowning.
  • Hays, Terence. Papers, 1956-2008 (MSS 706). 3 linear ft.   Materials documenting author’s anthropological research  with the Tairora-speaking Ndumba people of the Kainantu District, Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.  Hay's 1974 PhD dissertation (University of Washington), Mauna: Explorations in Ndumba Ethnobotany has been digitized and is available online through the UC San Diego Library Digital Collections website.
  • Hoffmeister, J. Edward (John Edward). Papers, 1925-1982 (MSS 231). 4 linear feet. Correspondence, field notebooks, diaries, films, lantern slides.  Primarily documents geological research on coral reefs in Fiji and Tonga in the 1920s and 1930s. Also contains accounts and images of life in Tonga and Fiji.  The films in the Hoffmeister papers have been digitized and are available online through the UC San Diego Library Digital Collections website.
  • Keesing, Roger. Papers, 1962-1993 (MSS 427). 36.70 linear feet. Collection documenting Keesing’s career, including extensive materials from his fieldwork from 1962-1989 with the Kwaio people, Malaita, Solomon Islands. Includes fieldnotes, journals, correspondence, photographs, audiorecordings, published writings, teaching materials, and writings of others. The papers reflect Keesing’s interest in Melanesian languages, kinship and social structure, traditional Kwaio religion, and cultural effects of colonialism. The collection also includes extensive unpublished writings of Kwaio people such as observational notes of Jonathan Fifi’i, books of genealogies and political writings. Photocopies of many of the Keesing field materials are also available for consultation at the Solomon Islands National Archive.  A second set of the photocopies has been sent to Malaita, for use at a small cultural center (to be established).  Photographs from the Roger Keesing Papers have been digitized and are available online through the UC San Diego Library Digital Collections website.
  • Knauft, Bruce M.  Papers, 1980-1985 (MSS 031). 0.6 linear feet. Carbon copies of anthropological field notes concerning the Gebusi people of Western Province, Papua New Guinea. Knauft’s materials document the social structure and ethos of the Gebusi, with a special emphasis on witchcraft and spirit beliefs. Cantrell’s research documents climate, food availability and subsistence patterns. Some restrictions. Stored off-site at SRLF. Request one week in advance.
  • Lambert, Sylvester. Sylvester Lambert papers, 1920-1942 (MSS 682). 5.9 linear feet. Manuscript drafts of reports, writings, photographs, and lantern slides related to Lambert's public health work conducted in the Pacific Islands for the Rockefeller Foundation.  Of special note are Lambert's photographs taken in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Vanuatu.  Photographs from the Sylvester Lambert Papers have been digitized and are available online through the UC San Diego Library Digital Collections website.
  • Layard, John. Papers, 1897‑1974, bulk 1940‑1970 (MSS 84). 48.8 linear feet. Includes many research materials and writings relating to his fieldwork in Vanuatu on the islands of Vao, Atchin, and Malekula, 1914-1915. An extensive unpublished typescript (written as part of a projected trilogy of which only the first volume, Stone Men of Malekula, was published) and Layard’s unpublished autobiography are included. Also of note are Vanuatu photographs and materials related to Layard’s career as a psychoanalyst.
  • Leavitt, Stephen Christopher. Fieldnotes and recordings, 1984-1986 (MSS 027). 3.6 linear feet. Ethnographic fieldnotes and 177 cassette audiorecordings documenting research with the Bumbita Arapesh people of East Sepik Province, Papua New Guinea.
  • Lindstrom, Lamont; James Gwero, et al. Transcripts of oral history interviews, World War II experiences in Vanuatu. In process. 1 linear foot. Typescript transcripts of interviews with ni-Vanuatu people, regarding World War II. These interviews were the basis for the 1998 book, “Big Wok, Storian blong Wol Wo Tu long Vanuatu” (edited by Lamont Lindstrom and James Gwero). Primarily in Bislama language. 
  • Loeweke, Eunice; May, Jean.   Papers.  Collection not yet cataloged or processed.  6 linear ft.  Collection includes photographs, color slides, films, audiotapes, correspondence, and other materials documenting the authors' experiences in Papua New Guinea from the early 1960s through the 1980s.  Authors were linguists, primarily engaged with Bible translation work with the Fasu people of the Lake Kutubu area, Southern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.
  • Melanesia Archive Manuscript Collection. Miscellaneous manuscript collection (MSS 181). 7.1 linear feet. (16 archives boxes). Original manuscripts, typescripts, and other documentary materials concerning Melanesia. Materials are written in English and, to a lesser extent, Dutch, French and German. Although mostly anthropological, it includes materials on education, linguistics, politics, economics, and medicine.
  • New Guinea Micro-Evolution Project papers, 1959-1984 (MSS 436).  0.2 linear feet (1 archives box).  Papers related to the New Guinea Micro-Evolution Project. Also included are papers written for an American Anthropological Association conference session looking back at the study and impact on the discipline. Papers include reports, meeting minutes, working papers, and conference papers. The Committee of New Guinea Studies (CONGS), formed in the United States in 1956, consisted of anthropologists from six Pacific Coast universities. Concerned with the rapid disappearance of native populations untouched by Western influence, the group planned a long term study of populations in interior New Guinea. Beginning in early 1959, a cooperative study began in the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. Led by James Watson and supported by the National Science Foundation, the project examined languages, cultures, psychological traits, racial characteristics, and ecological adaptations of the native populations in Gadsup, Tairora, Auyana, and Awa. Along with Watson, researchers included Howard McKaughan, Brian du Toit, Madeleine Leininger, Robert Littlewood, K.J. Pataki, and Robert Welsch
  • New Guinea Religions Cross-Cultural files. Watson, James B. and Read, Kenneth E. (MSS 424). 12 linear feet. Excerpts from pre-1961 publications written by a variety of authors. Publications concerning traditional religious practices in New Guinea. Arranged by ethnolinguistic group, and subarranged by codes from the Outline of Cultural Materials. Cultures include: Arapesh, Buka, Busama, Dobu, Gururumba, Iatmul, Keraki, Kiwai, Kuma, Kutubu, Manam, Orokaiva, Orokolo (Lemea), Tanga, Waropen, and Wogeo.
  • Newman, Philip L. Papers, 1956-1994 (MSS 705). 14 linear ft.  Unprocessed collection, including fieldnotes, photographs, slides, audiorecordings, and other materials documenting anthropological research with the Gururumba and Awa peoples of Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea.
  • Norwood, Hugh. Port Moresby research materials, 1971-1979 (MSS 169). 6.7 linear feet. Aerial photographs, notes, maps, and survey forms documenting urban growth in communities in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea, and used in the production of the book Port Moresby urban villages and squatter areas. Accession M-2006.012 contains 1 linear foot. of additional aerial photographs. Stored off-site at SRLF. Request one week in advance.
  • O’Brien, Denise. Papers, 1961-1996 (MSS 717). 11 linear ft.  Unprocessed collection of fieldnotes, photographs, audio recordings, correspondence, and other materials documenting anthropological research with the Dani people of what is now Papua, Indonesia.
  • Rappaport, Roy A. Papers, 1961-1985 (MSS 516). 13.5 linear feet. Fieldnotes, linguistic materials, photographs and audiorecordings documenting fieldwork with the Tsembaga Maring people of Madang Province, PNG, 1962-1963, and 1981-1982. Collection also includes some Maring linguistic materials collected by Ann Rappaport. Correspondence, writings of others, and subject background files also included.   Photographs from the Roy Rappaport Papers have been digitized and are available online through the UC San Diego Library Digital Collections website.
  • Read, Kenneth E. Papers, ca. 1950-1980. (MSS 434).  0.2 linear feet. Typescript articles and essays based on Read's 1950s fieldwork in PNG.  Also includes three papers written by patrol officers studying at the Australian School of Pacific Administration, in classes taught by Read.
  • Roheim, Geza. Papers, ca. 1929-ca. 1953 (MSS 046). 0.8 cubic feet. Drafts of writings and research materials, including transcriptions of dreams and stories of Indigenous Australians, and a notebook containing a vocabulary of the Duau language of Normanby Island, PNG. Additional materials based on work with Navajo in Arizona. The collection probably comprises only a small fraction of the papers Roheim created. Most materials are in English.
  • Ross, Harold. Papers, 1966-1981 (MSS 733). 5 linear ft. Unprocessed collection of fieldnotes, photographs, audio recordings, correspondence and other materials documenting anthropological research with the Baegu people of Malaita, Solomon Islands.
  • Scheffler, Harold W. Papers, 1926-1981 (MSS 481). 6.90 linear feet. Correspondence, diaries, fieldnotes, genealogies, photographs, and audiorecordings documenting anthropological research in Solomon Islands, particularly among Varisi people of Choiseul Island between 1958-1961, Baniata people of Rendova Island in 1967-1968, as well as Simbo Islanders in 1960. Also includes linguistic materials on the Varisi and Baniata languages, and writings by others. The latter includes, notably, a handwritten copy of Bernard Deacon’s fieldnotes about Malekula.  Photographs from the Harold W. Scheffler Papers have been digitized and are available online through the UC San Diego Library Digital Collections website.
  • Strathern, Andrew; and Pamela Stewart. Photographs and Audiorecordings, 1967-1984 (MSS 477). 0.4 linear feet. Photographs taken among the Melpa-speaking people of Hagen, Papua New Guinea and photographs and audiorecordings of the Wiru-speaking people of Pangia, Papua New Guinea. Additional materials available online at the University of Pittsburgh website:
  • Townsend, Patricia. Traditional Birth Attendants in Papua New Guinea: Project Materials, 1980-1991 (MSS 442). 0.8 linear feet. Survey form responses, correspondence, and report drafts for the Papua New Guinea Institute of Applied Social and Economic Research (IASER) project entitled "Survey of Traditional Birth Attendants in Papua New Guinea." Also included are prepublication articles and papers by anthropologists and researchers.
  • Tuzin, Donald. Papers, 1969-2007 (MSS 690). 35 linear feet. In process. Black-and-white photoprints, color slides, reel-to-reel audiorecordings, field notebooks, notes, and reprints of others related to research conducted with the Arapesh in the Papua New Guinea village of Ilahita, East Sepik Province.
  • Vanuatu Oral Histories of World War II, 1987-ca. 2006, bulk 1988. (MSS 435).  0.4 linear feet.  Transcripts of interviews with ni-Vanuatu people about their wartime experiences.  These transcripts are the result of a project coordinated by James Gwero and Lamont Lindstrom, sponsored by the Vanuatu Cultural Centre.