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EndNote Online: Putting References into EndNote Web

Sometimes called Endnote Online, EndNote Web, or EndNote Basic - all of them are different names for the same thing which is a free citation manager and is similar and compatible with Endnote desktop.

Adding References to EndNote Online

Adding Items to EndNote Online

The most efficient and less error-prone process for creating citations in your EndNote Online account is to get the information directly from a database or catalog - no retyping needed. Use one or more of the following methods to bring information into your EndNote Online account:

  • Import the references from a database
  • Search a catalog or database with EndNote's online search tool
  • Capture the information from a web page with EndNote's Capture tool

Even with all these options for importing information, some citations will need to be manually entered, and EndNote Online has that option too. 

How Organized do You Want to be?

A Quick Thought about Organization

How do you like to organize your work space?  Do you like everything in one pile or do you want to separate things into smaller piles (or, in this case, groups or folders).  In EndNote Web everything automatically goes to the All References list and even if you file it somewhere it will still be on this list.  Whichever way you prefer, EndNote Web provides a way to keep you organized.

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