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Anthropology: Student's Practical Guide to Writing Papers: Tools for Writing

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Tools for Creating your Bibliography

See also the tab on Citation Management Tools (which features Zotero and Endnote Web)

Annotated Bibliographies and Lit Reviews

Annotated Bibliographies

An annotated bibliography is, as its name suggests, a bibliography that is annotated (or has annotations -- notes or summaries about each item on the bibliography -- what it is about, why it is important, and how it relates to your research project).

Here are a few places to look for examples of annotated bibliographies:

Literature Reviews

A literature review is, (similarly) as its name suggests, a review (or overview) of the literature on a given topic.  Literature reviews can be stand-alone papers or articles, or sections of longer works (theses and dissertations or articles).  Here are a couple of places to learn more about literature reviews in Anthropology -- please note that the first link (from San Jose State U.) includes a section that points to different kinds of lit reviews that exist, even within the discipline of Anthropology.  This guid identifies the following categories of lit reviews: Traditional (narrative), systematic, meta analysis, and meta synthesis.