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LTCS 250: Native American Literature: Encyclopedias and Dictionaries

Resources for Native American Literature & Culture

Native American Literature

Encyclopedia of American Indian Literature. Ed. Jennifer McClinton-Temple and Alan Vilie. New York: Facts on File, 2007. PS 153 .I52 E53 2007 (Reference Collection)

Whitson, Kathy J. Native American Literatures: An Encyclopedia of Works, Characters, Authors, and Themes. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC Clio, 1999. PS 153 .I52 W47 1999 (Reference Collection)

Dictionary of Native American Literature. Ed. Andrew Wiget. New York: Garland, 1994. PM 155 .D53 1994 (Reference Collection).  

Also see the resources in the "Biographical Resources" page.

Native American History & Culture

Encyclopedia of North American Indians. Ed. Frederick E. Hoxie. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1996. E 76.2 .E53 1996 (Reference Collection)

Native America in the Twentieth Century: An Encyclopedia. Ed. Mary B. Davis. New York: Garland, 1994. E 76.2 .N36 1994 (Reference Collection)

Pritzker, Barry. Native Americans: An Encyclopedia of History, Culture, and Peoples. 2 vols. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC Clio, 1998 E 77 .P89 1998 (Reference Collection)

The Gale Encyclopedia of North American Tribes. Ed. Sharon Malinowski et al. 4 vols. Detroit: Gale, 1998. E77 G15 1998 (Reference Collection) 

Hausman, Gerald. Turtle Island Alphabet: A Lexicon of Native American Symbols and Culture. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1992. E98 .R3 H27 1992 (Geisel Stacks / 6th floor)

Hightower-Langston, Donna. The Native American World. Hoboken, N.J.: John Wiley, 2003. E77 .H54 2002 (Reference Collection) 

Historical Dictionary of North American Archaeology. Ed. Edward B. Jelks. New York: Greenwood Press, 1988. E 77.9 .H57 1988 (Reference Collection)

Sonneborg, Liz. Chronology of Native American History: The Trail of the Wind. New York: Facts on File, 2001. E77 .S72 2001 (Reference Collection)

Thompson, William N. Native American Issues: A Reference Handbook. 2nd edition. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC Clio, 2005. E98 .T77 T56 2005 (Reference Collection)

Hirschfelder, Arlene B. and Paulette Molin. Encyclopedia of Native American Religions. Updated edition. New York: Facts on File, 2000. E98 .R3 H73 2000 (Reference Collection)

American Indians. Consulting editor Harvey Markowitz. Pasadena, CA: Salem Press, 1995. 3 vols. E 76.2 .A45 1995 (Reference Collection)

Barnes, Ian. The Historical Atlas of Native Americans. Edison, N.J.: Chartwell Books, 2009. (Reference Collection - Atlas Cases).

Waldman, Carl. Atlas of the North American Indian. 3rd edition. New York: Checkmark Books, 2009. G 1106 .E1 W3 2009 (Reference Collection - Atlas Cases) 

Johnson, Michael G. The Native Tribes of North America: A Concise Encyclopedia. New York: Macmillan, 1994.  E 76.2 .J64 1994 (Stacks, Oversize, 8th floor)

Paterek, Josephine. Encyclopedia of American Indian Costume. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC Clio, 1998. E 98 .C8 P37 1994 (Reference Collection) 

Waldman, Carl. Word Dance: The Language of Native American Culture. New York: Facts on File, 1994. Use Melvyl to request this book from storage.

White, Philip M. A Bibliography of Native American Bibliographies. Westport, CT: Praeger, 2004. E77 .W53 2004 (Reference Collection).

Wright-McLeod, Brian. The Encyclopedia of Native Music. Tucson: University of Arizona Press, 2005. ML 156.4 .I5 W75 2005 (Reference Collection)