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Korean Studies: Finding Books

Searching for Korean Materials

Korean language materials at UCSD Library can be searched either using original Korean scripts (한글, 한자) or the McCune-Reischauer Romanization (transliteration) system. The McCune-Reischauer Romanization system is different from the official Romanzation system currently used by Korean goverments. The following link offer information about the M-R Romanization system:

Library of Congress Romanization Table for Korea

*DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE DIACRITICS! You can ignore them when searching the catalog*


Finding Books

There are many resources to use to find books at UCSD, as well as the broader San Diego, California, and Global Community. Begin by searching UC Library Search to find books available at UCSD. If there are no hits, you can broaden your search by using MELVYL to search for books available throughout the University of California System. CIRCUIT can be used to do a San Diego-specific libraries such as SDSU and San Diego Public Library. 

You can also search WorldCat. This is a world-wide, consortial catalog of OCLC member libraries that includes over 50 million online records in multiple formats. This is the best place to look for a particular source that is not held in California, or to do a search by subject heading(s) to find materials outside of California.

McCune–Reischauer Chart