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GLBH 111

An online guide in support of the Health Frontiers in Tijuana course.
Presentations are due in CANVAS by December 2, 2019

Recording PowerPoint Presentations

Really, it is as simply as just pressing record.  The one tip I have to share is

Don't talk when changing slides.


What Slides Should I Have?

Check your syllabus - previous version advised having at least the following:

Slide 1: title slide, student name, student id, date, course number

Slide 2: Background & Statement of significance of the topic  

Slide 3: Public Health Interventions relevant to this topic  (compare low resource setting intervention vs. USA intervention) 

Slide 4: Feasibility of proposed interventions in the context of the HFIT clinic in Tijuana, Mexico

Slide 5: Discussion

Slide 6: References

Slide 7: Acknowledgements