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HILD 10 East Asian: The Great Tradition Early History and Cultures of China Korea, and Japan 1200 BC- AD 1200: Korea

Reference Sources



Korea : a historical and cultural dictionary / by Keith Pratt and Richard Rutt ; with additional material by James Hoare



Sourcebook of Korean civilization / edited by Peter H. Lee ; with Donald Baker [and others]





한국사명인전 / 이은직지음 ; 정홍준옮김



한국의지식콘텐츠 = Korean database



한국역대인물 종합정보시스템 (한국학중앙연구원)

Mainly people from Koryo and Choson Dynasty. 인물사전, 과거합격자, 성씨와 본관, 관직명 사전


Historical Maps

Korean history in maps : from prehistory to the twenty-first century / edited by Michael D. Shin ; contributors, Lee Injae, Owen Miller, Park Jinhoon, Yi Hyun-Hae



Antique maps & Korea



Asian Maps collection at USC