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Zotero for Managing and Using Citations: Installing Zotero

Download Zotero & Connector

What do I Need to Install?

To use Zotero you will need to install:

  1. The desktop application.
  2. The connector for your preferred browser so you can add citations to your Zotero library.  The connector is available for Chrome, Firefox, & Safari.

Screenshot of Zotero downloads

To make your library portable and available via the web, take a minute and create an online Zotero account so you can sync your library.

Installing Zotero

1.  Download Zotero Software

  • Go to & download Zotero for type of computer you have.
  • Add the Zotero Connector browser extension to Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.

2.  Install the Software

  • It is best to close MS Office programs such as Word, PowerPoint and even Outlook.
  • Find the download file and open it.  Follow directions for installing the software.

What Should I See if I Installed to Connector?

  • Macs should see a simple Z by the address bar.
  • Windows should see a paper or folder icon off to the right after the address bar.