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Zotero for Managing and Using Citations: Building Your Library

Building Your Library

Adding Citations to Your Zotero Library

After installing the browser Connector (see directions) you will be able to use most of the library databases, catalogs, web pages, Google Scholar, and more with ease.  Just one question before you begin -- do you want to have folders for different projects in your Zotero library?  If so, see our information on creating a collection.  You can organize later if you decide to add collections at some point in the future.

There are several ways to get the information into your Zotero library.  The process can be as simple as:

  • Go to your favorite resource and find what you need for your research.
  • Use the Zotero Connector tool - it will have a different look if you are in a database or on the landing page for an article.  Look for one of these images:    
    Zotero's two capture citation iconsThe page icon will capture the web page or the article you are on.
    The folder one will give you a list from which to select the ones you want.



1.  Grab an Article (& PDF, if available)

Zotero's Connect tool grabbing an article


2.  Grab a List of Citations from a Database (or Google Scholar)

Zotero's Connector tool grabbing a list of citations


3.  Use the Items Unique Identifying Number - ISBN for a Book, DOI for an Article

This number ...

Zotero's magic want to create a record

Creates this record ... 

Zotero's auto populated record via magic wand


4.  Manually Enter the Information

Use this option for things that you cannot pull in from a database or website - perhaps a personal communication or other unusual resource.  But, it is very important that you know your citation style like APA, MLA, Chicago, or whichever one, because you get a blank form for lots of information and you can save it without all of the needed information -- USE CATION!

Zotero's manual entry form