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INTL 190: Breaking the Cycle: How to Build Peace and End the Drug War in Mexico: (Im)migration and Refugees

Research Institutes Focusing on Immigration

Public Opinion Data

Introductory Materials on Migration, Immigration and Refugees

Seminar on the Acquisition of Latin American Library Materials (SALALM ) Action Guide to Immigrant Advocacy Very useful guide (with a link for ongoing editions) identifying resources to learn more about the situation of detainees on the Southern US border, organizations to support, and methods to advocate for better policies and humane treatment of undocumented immigrants.

The Torn Apart Project: This website uses digital technologies to map the significance of US Immigration and Cutoms Enforcement (ICE) detention centers.  Volume I locates all ICE detention centers on a US map, and provides additional access points to alternative views of the ICE landscape, including information such as photographs and data.  The Allies tab links to a directory of organizations providing various kinds of support to undocumented immigrants. Volume II digs deeper, tracing the financial context of ICE; who has funded and who has profited from this phenomenon, including the role of money, businesses, and politicians and government agencies.

Data and Statistics

Human Rights Information

LInks to Information on Migration and Refugees emphasizing and examining the situation from a human rights angle

Government Resources

"Alien" Incarceration Reports

These reports are not uniformly posted to a single government website, so they are posted here to provide easier access: