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Engineering Undergraduate/Transfer Orientation: VPN (Remote Access) & Wifi

The Library licenses thousands of electronic resources, including databases, ebooks, and journals. Many of these are not available to the general public. Off-campus, you must use VPN to access them. This identifies you as a UC San Diego student who can use these resources. Otherwise, you could be prompted to login to these sites, or asked to pay for content that the Library has already purchased. 

Below is a short video that will walk you through the process of installing and using the AnyConnect VPN client to access the online databases, ebooks, and journals from off campus. You can download the VPN client from Select the option for your computer or device's operating system, then follow the steps to download and install the VPN client or app. The video is for a Windows 10 installation; it may look different with other operating systems, particularly on mobile devices.

If you are on-campus, you need to be connected on the campus network, either via ResNet in the residence halls or campus apartments, or the UCSD-PROTECTED Wifi Network elsewhere on campus. Do not use the UCSD Guest Wifi network; it will not connect you to our electronic resources.

2-Step Secured - Althruucsd

When running the VPN, make sure that the Group setting is on 2 Step Secured - Althruucsd. This is the only option from the list that will actually connect you to our licensed online resources. If you can read this PDF, then you have VPN set correctly. 

screenshot of VPN