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GovSpeak Errors: 7/21


ACDDE Advisory Committee on Diversity and Digital Empowerment changed to CEDC - Communications Equity and Diversity Council
CIGP Citizenship and Assimilation Grant Program reverted to Citizenship and Integration Grant Program
CPGM Compliance Program Guidance Manual changed to Compliance Program Manual
FAMWEB Fire and Aviation Management Web Applications replaced by FAM-IT - Fire and Aviation Management IT
FRG First Responder Technologies changed to First Responder Capability
LTAR Long Term Agroecosystem Research retired from NAL; pointing to ARS LTAR
PWRC Patuxent Wildlife Research Center merged into EESC - Eastern Ecological Science Center
QCLCD Quality Controlled Local Climatological Data unable to verify
SITE Solutions for the Information Technology Enterprise unable to verify
STRP Seafood Trade Relief Program terminated