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GovSpeak Errors: 6/20

ACS Office of American Citizens Services and Crisis Management  unable to verify
CASOM Comprehensive Approaches to Sex Offender Management Program unable to verify
EITI US Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative unable to verify
ePSS Electronic Preventive Services Selector changed to Prevention TaskForce
LAIRS Labor Agreement Information Retrieval System  unable to verify
LTRMP Long Term Resource Monitoring Program changed to LTRM - Long Term Resource Planning
LUP Land Use Planning unable to verify
OSHE Office of Safety, Health, and Environment unable to verify
OSHS Office of Safe and Healthy Students changed to OSSS - Office of Safe and Supportive Schools
OSIM Office of Scientific Information Management changed to ODS - Office of Data Science
OSS Office of State Support changed to SSA - Office of School Support and Accountability
PFEL Pacific Fisheries Environmental Laboratory unable to verify
PRAMstat PRAMS online data platform discontinued
PRB Publications Review Board changed to PCRB - Prepublication Classification Review Board
WFIRST Wide-Field Infrared Survey Telescope changed to Nancy Grace Roman Space Telescope

Note: Some of the changes on this month's list may be old changes, discovered in the course of a manual - rather than automated - link review.