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UC San Diego ORCiD

Connecting NSF & ORCiD

SciENcv now helps researchers to complete biosketches, both the NSF Biosketch and the one for Current & Pending Support.  You can use either your NSF account to populate the biosketch or you can use your ORCiD account to add information with a couple of clicks instead of retyping the information.  To make full use of your ORCiD profile in your NSF Biosketch, it helps to know which NSF sections match the ORCiD sections.

NSF Section ORCiD Section

"Professional Preparation"






"Synergistic Activities"

Biography & Keywords

When you start your NSF Biosketch, set the data source to "External Source" and choose ORCiD.  The sections will automatically populate - except for Products.  You can choose what you need from the list.