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Organic Chemistry: Current Awareness

With BrowZine, you can set create a "bookshelf" of selected chemistry journals to stay up to date when they publish new articles and issues. You can access your bookshelf from the web or your mobile device. More information on BrowZine, including account setup.

Tools to help you stay current on your organic chemistry research

                            You can create search alerts in SciFinder-n to track new articles on your research topic, or for new substances based on a structure or substructure search, then set weekly or monthly email alerts. You cannot set up alerts for reactions. 

To create Reaxys alerts, you'll need to create an account first. Once logged in, run your search using the Quick Search or Query Builder, view the results, then go to History to see the recent searches. That's where you'll get the option to save the search (topic, substance, or reaction) as an alert.

 A literature alert service from the Royal Society of Chemistry, Synthetic Reaction Updates will help keep you current on the latest synthetic organic chemistry developments published in organic chemistry journals from RSC, ACS, Wiley, Elsevier, and Thieme. Search by title/abstract text, reactions, and/or journals and authors, then set up your alerts. User guide for more information.

Natural Product Updates is similar to Synthetic Reaction Updates, but focusing on natural products chemistry developments from 50+ journals. Searchable by title/abstract text, plus source, compound class, genus, species, natural product, and biological activity. User guide for more information.