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Remove Proxy Settings: Home

Instructions for finding and removing proxy settings

Why the Change?

Why the Change?

As you may well have heard, today's computing environment requires enhanced security in everything we use.  One of the campus tools, the Web Proxy Server, does not measure up to today's needs.  Therefore, it is time for it to be decommissioned in favor of technology that encrypts the login process and helps protect passwords, reducing the risk of exposing sensitive data.

It is time to get on board with the VPN.  But, you need to remove the proxy configuration from your browser.  For many, it may be a long time since you set up the web proxy and the following information will help you remember where that setting is located so it can be removed.

From the list below, click on the name of the browser where the proxy is currently installed to get step-by-step directions for removing it.




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