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SciFinder-n Registration and Access

SciFinder-n is restricted to UC San Diego faculty, staff and students. There is no walk-in access available for non-UCSD affiliates on any library computer.

Do you already have a SciFinder-n or SciFinder account at UC San Diego?
Go to SciFinder-n, login, and start searching.
  You must be on the UCSD network or on the protected wifi network (or if off-campus using VPN) to use SciFinder-n, and you'll need to login each time you use it.
Is this your first time using SciFinder-n at UC San Diego?
Go to SciFinder-n at UC, select UC San Diego from the list, and follow the instruction to register.

You must be on the campus network (or protected wifi), or off-campus using VPN to access this site

If you have an account with another campus, you'll need to register again, even if it's from another UC campus.

If you don't see the confirmation email immediately, check your spam folder.