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SciFinder-n: ** SciFinder-n ** Now Available

SciFindern is the new interface for SciFinder. At this time we do have access to both versions, but it's possible that the "classic" SciFinder interface will be retired in the future.

New Features (click the icon for an example)

undefinedRetrosynthesis Planner: Generate a full retrosynthetic analysis of all known synthetic routes for a given Molecule; organize into easy to navigate synthetic plans; and access commercial availability and pricing.

undefinedPatentPak: Full-text searching of 18 million patents, with chemical substances marked so they can be easily found within the patent.

undefinedMethodsNow: Step by step procedures and protocols from journal articles and patents, found in the "Experimental Protocols" section for the reaction.

undefinedChemDoodle: Touch-friendly structure editor for drawing on phones and tablets. Structures drawn in ChemDoodle will be the same in CAS Draw, and vice versa.

Additional Enhancements

  • “Search All” to search across the substance, reaction, and references databases.
  • Familiar searching options: booleans, truncation/wildcards, parentheses, e.g. (flavor OR odor) AND menthol.
  • Combined keyword and structure searching.
  • Autosuggesting search terms.
  • Relevancy-based sorting of results now the default.
  • Reaction search results grouped by scheme (same reactants and products).
  • Live History – edit and rerun past searches.
  • Additional filter functionality in the results: setting publication date ranges, searching within the filter categories along with frequency and natural order, substance role filter if chemical included in reference searches.
  • Clearer labeling to connect you to full-text articles, now with UC-eLinks included in the options.
  • Citation mapping to quickly see cited and citing articles.
  • Improvements in combined search functionality: two authors, author(s)/journal, author(s)/organization, two substance property data points.
  • Easy to keep up with new releases of SciFinder-n and get help from the account page.
  • Automatic deduping of CAS/Medline records (coming later this summer).
  • Ability to have multiple tabs running without getting kicked out of sessions.