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U.S. Government Information: WR 2/18/23

Guide to information resources by and about the federal government.

About this page

This page is an attempt to provide current awareness of federal government reports and activities. The page will be updated weekly to provide links to important, newsworthy, or interesting material published during the previous week. The goal is to keep the links to a manageable number for readers, not to be a comprehensive listing. All links are captured in the Internet Archive if possible, and a list of earlier roundups is available.

Please keep in mind that government agencies may present material in a way that reads favorably for the government. You are encouraged to consult other resources (e.g. newspapers) for additional information and/or context.

Note (1/9/23): the GovInfo at UC San Diego Library Facebook page is being discontinued, but the weekly roundup will continue to be posted on this page. You can sign up for email notifications of updates by hovering over the Weekly Roundup tab above and clicking "Receive Notifications," then entering your email address and hitting the subscribe button on the right side of the page.

Press releases : Feb 18 - Feb 24

2/21 - DHS and DOJ Propose Rule to Incentivize Lawful Migration Processes (DHS; direct to proposed rule)

2/21 - EPA Orders Norfolk Southern to Conduct All Cleanup Actions Associated with the East Palestine Train Derailment (EPA; direct to response website)

2/21 - Board Rules that Employers May Not Offer Severance Agreements Requiring Employees to Broadly Waive Labor Law Rights (NLRB)

2/21 - SEC Charges The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Its Investment Management Company for Disclosure Failures and Misstated Filings (SEC)

2/22 - U.S. Agricultural Policy Review, 2021 (ERS)

2/22 - Service Seeks Comments on California Condor Incidental Take Permit Application (FWS)

2/22 - National Archives to Host Opening Forum as Part of First-Ever National Civic Learning Week (NARA; direct to registration for livestream)

2/22 - NSA Releases Best Practices For Securing Your Home Network (NSA; direct to report)

2/23 - New FTC Data Show Consumers Reported Losing Nearly $8.8 Billion to Scams in 2022 (FTC; direct to data page)

2/23 - SEC Charges Cousins for Insider Trading in Kodak Stock Ahead of Company’s Planned Govt. Partnership to Assist in Response to COVID-19 (SEC; see also, archived 8/5/20 House Oversight committee documents request)

2/23 - White House Releases Updated U.S. Conventional Arms Transfer Policy (State; direct to policy memo and fact sheet)

2/24 - U.S. Commerce Secretary Raimondo Outlines Vision for Implementation of the CHIPS and Science Act (DOC)

2/24 - Suicide Prevention and Response Independent Review Committee (SPRIRC) Releases Report (DOD; direct to report)

2/24 - EPA Releases 2022 Power Plant Emissions Data (EPA; direct to data page and trends page)

2/24 - FDA Authorizes First Over-the-Counter At-Home Test to Detect Both Influenza and COVID-19 Viruses (FDA)

2/24 - Fact Sheet: Disrupting and Degrading – One Year of U.S. Sanctions on Russia and Its Enablers (Treas)

2/24 - Fact Sheet: On One Year Anniversary of Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine, Biden Administration Announces Actions to Support Ukraine and Hold Russia Accountable (WH)

Bills Signed into Law : Feb 18 - Feb 24

Information below is from Date listed is date signed into law, and the description is an abbreviated version of bill summary available on that website.

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Miscellaneous : Feb 18 - Feb 24

2/21 - Selected Charts from Ag and Food Statistics: Charting the Essentials, February 2023 (ERS)

2/21 - Data Liberation Project newsletter – with news about releases of EPA & APHIS data (via DLP)

2/22 - Survey Shows Real Progress in Restoring Federal Science (via Union of Concerned Scientists, with link to report page)

2/24 - CISA rolled out revamped website; US-CERT & ICS-CERT retired (CISA)

2/25 - VOA Puts Two Russian Journalists on Paid Leave Following Complaints (via VOA, with link to source document)

Trump search warrant:

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Congressional Hearings : Feb 18 - Feb 24

See full weekly list of hearings on

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