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U.S. Government Information: WR 7/24/21

Guide to information resources by and about the federal government.

About this page

This page is an attempt to provide current awareness of federal government reports and activities. The page will be updated weekly to provide links to important, newsworthy, or interesting material published during the previous week. The goal is to keep the links to a manageable number for readers, not to be a comprehensive listing. All links are captured in the Internet Archive if possible, and a list of earlier roundups is available.

Each Monday, our GovInfo at UC San Diego Library Facebook page will link back to this page for the latest update. You're welcome to follow us there if you'd like to receive notifications. You can also get notified of updates by hovering over the Weekly Roundup tab and clicking "Receive Notifications," then entering your email address and hitting the subscribe button.

Please keep in mind that government agencies may present material in a way that reads favorably for the government. You are encouraged to consult other resources (e.g. newspapers) for additional information and/or context.

Press releases: July 24 - July 30

7/26 - EPA Announces Intent to Bolster Limits on Water Pollution from Power Plants (EPA)

7/27 - New Report Releases Data on Postsecondary Tuition, Fees and Degrees (NCES; direct to report page)

7/27 - An Update from the Equitable Data Working Group (WH)

7/28 - International Food Security Assessment, 2021-31 (ERS)

7/28 - Fly Infestation, Sewage Leaks at Los Angeles VA Hospital Shuttered Operating Rooms, Delayed Patient Surgeries (OSC; direct to letter and report)

7/28 - Fact Sheet: Historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal (WH)

7/29 - U.S. Census Bureau Statement on Differences Between 2020 Census and American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates (Census; see also, Census Bureau Announces Changes for 2020 American Community Survey 1-Year Estimates)

7/29 - EPA Releases Preliminary Data for 2020 Toxics Release Inventory Reporting, Including First Ever Reporting on PFAS (EPA; direct to data page)

7/30 - DHS Statement on Expedited Removal Flights for Certain Families (CBP)

7/30 - Statement from CDC Director Rochelle P. Walensky, MD, MPH on Today’s MMWR (CDC; direct to MMWR; see also, internal CDC document on breakthrough infections via Washington Post)

7/30 - Interior Department Celebrates Great American Outdoors Act Anniversary with Fee Free Day on Public Lands (DOI)

7/30 - IMLS Announces $22.7 Million Investment in U.S. Library Initiatives (IMLS)

7/30 - National Archives Seeks Feedback on Draft Strategic Plan (NARA; direct to plan page)

7/30 - NASA Statement on GAO Ruling Regarding Human Landing System Protest (NASA; direct to GAO statement)

7/30 - DEA Investigation Fails to Hold Officials Accountable for Lax Security at Haitian Seaport, Illegal Drug Flow (OSC; direct to letter, report, and whistleblower comments)

7/30 - Russian Government Actions Impacting U.S. Mission Russia (State)

7/30 - Secretaries of USDA, HUD, VA, Treasury, and FHFA Acting Director Release Joint Statement on Agency Actions to Prevent Evictions (Treas)

Bills Signed into Law: July 24 - July 30

Information below is from Date listed is date signed into law, and the description is an abbreviated version of bill summary available on that website.

7/26 - H.R.26 Construction Consensus Procurement Improvement Act of 2021 - prohibits the federal government from using reverse auctions for complex, specialized, or substantial design and construction services

7/29 - S.957 DUMP Opioids Act - requires the VA to designate periods during which any individual may dispose of controlled substances medications at VA medical facilities with an on-site pharmacy or a physical location dedicated for law enforcement purposes

7/30 - H.R. 3237 Emergency Security Supplemental Appropriations Act, 2021 - provides additional fiscal year (FY) 2021 emergency funding to address the aftermath of the January 6 insurrection, needs arising from the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan, and expenses incurred on the Capitol complex as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic (info via White House; not yet on