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U.S. Government Information: WR 08/21/21

Guide to information resources by and about the federal government.

About this page

This page is an attempt to provide current awareness of federal government reports and activities. The page will be updated weekly to provide links to important, newsworthy, or interesting material published during the previous week. The goal is to keep the links to a manageable number for readers, not to be a comprehensive listing. All links are captured in the Internet Archive if possible, and a list of earlier roundups is available.

Each Monday, our GovInfo at UC San Diego Library Facebook page will link back to this page for the latest update. You're welcome to follow us there if you'd like to receive notifications. You can also get notified of updates by hovering over the Weekly Roundup tab and clicking "Receive Notifications," then entering your email address and hitting the subscribe button.

Please keep in mind that government agencies may present material in a way that reads favorably for the government. You are encouraged to consult other resources (e.g. newspapers) for additional information and/or context.

Press releases: Aug 21 - Aug 27

8/22 - Defense Department Activates Civil Reserve Air Fleet to Assist With Afghanistan Efforts (DOD)

8/23 - FDA Approves First COVID-19 Vaccine (FDA)

8/24 - U.S. Department of Education Issues Letter Regarding Court Ruling Vacating Title IX Regulation Restricting Postsecondary Schools’ Use of Statements by Parties and Witnesses (ED OCR)

8/24 - The Food and Nutrition Assistance Landscape: Fiscal Year 2020 Annual Report (ERS)

8/24 - FCC Proposes Largest Robocalling Fine Under TCPA re: election robocalls (FCC)

8/24 - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Finalizes 2022 Federal Duck Stamp Contest Regulations (FWS; direct to final rule)

8/24 - Library of Congress National Book Festival Announces Schedule of Events (LOC)

8/25 - America Counts Releases State Data Profiles (Census; direct to profiles page)

8/25 - EOIR Launches FOIA Public Access Link (DOJ/EOIR; direct to website)

8/25 - International report confirms 2020 was among three warmest years on record (NOAA; direct to report page)

8/25 - Treasury Announces Seven Additional Policies to Encourage State and Local Governments to Expedite Emergency Rental Assistance (Treas; direct to July Emergency Rental Assistance data)

8/26 - Readout of Justice Department Leadership Meeting on Threats to Election Workers (DOJ; direct to AG’s remarks)

8/26 - FDA Releases PFAS Testing Results from First Survey of Nationally Distributed Processed Foods (FDA; direct to survey results)

8/26 - Unclassified Summary of Assessment on COVID-19 Origins (ODNI; see also, President Biden statement)

8/26 - On Today’s Terrorist Attacks in Kabul (State)

8/27 - Law Library of Congress and Harvard Law School Collaboration Improves Access to Legal Collection Materials (LOC)

Bills Signed into Law: Aug 21 - Aug 27

Information below is from Date listed is date signed into law, and the description is an abbreviated version of bill summary available on that website.

8/25 -  H.R.3642 Harlem Hellfighters Congressional Gold Medal Act - provides for the award of a Congressional Gold Medal to the 369th Infantry Regiment, commonly known as the Harlem Hellfighters, in recognition of their bravery and outstanding service during World War I

8/25 -  H.R.1448 Puppies Assisting Wounded Servicemembers for Veterans Therapy Act - requires the VA to implement a five-year pilot program to provide canine training to eligible veterans diagnosed with PTSD as an element of a complementary and integrative health program

Congressional Budget Office / Congressional Research Service / Government Accountability Office : Aug 21 - Aug 27

Congressional Hearings: Aug 21 - Aug 27

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