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U.S. Government Information: WR 12/11/21

Guide to information resources by and about the federal government.

About this page

This page is an attempt to provide current awareness of federal government reports and activities. The page will be updated weekly to provide links to important, newsworthy, or interesting material published during the previous week. The goal is to keep the links to a manageable number for readers, not to be a comprehensive listing. All links are captured in the Internet Archive if possible, and a list of earlier roundups is available.

Each Monday, our GovInfo at UC San Diego Library Facebook page will link back to this page for the latest update. You're welcome to follow us there if you'd like to receive notifications. You can also get notified of updates by hovering over the Weekly Roundup tab and clicking "Receive Notifications," then entering your email address and hitting the subscribe button.

Please keep in mind that government agencies may present material in a way that reads favorably for the government. You are encouraged to consult other resources (e.g. newspapers) for additional information and/or context.

Press releases : Dec 11 - Dec 17

12/13 - Enrollment and Employees in Postsecondary Institutions, Fall 2020; and Financial Statistics and Academic Libraries, Fiscal Year 2020 (Provisional Data) (NCES)

12/14 - 'Return of the Jedi' Among 25 Eclectic Films Joining National Film Registry (LOC)

12/14 - Library of Congress Digital Collections Strategy Published (LOC; direct to strategy)

12/14 - 1950 Census Release Will Offer Enhanced Digital Access, Public Collaboration Opportunity (NARA)

12/14 - NASA Enters the Solar Atmosphere for the First Time, Bringing New Discoveries (NASA)

12/14 - Arctic Report Card: Climate change transforming Arctic into ‘dramatically different state’ (NOAA; direct to report card website)

12/14 - Researchers Publish First Comprehensive Building Stock Characterization Study for the United States (NREL; direct to report and dashboard page)

12/15 - Census Bureau Provides Information to Government Officials on the Count Question Resolution Operation (Census)

12/15 - Former Minneapolis Police Officer Derek Chauvin Pleads Guilty in Federal Court to Depriving George Floyd and a Minor Victim of Their Constitutional Rights (FBI)

12/15 - National Archives Releases New Group of JFK Assassination Documents (NARA; direct to documents)

12/15 - Report: Climate change contributed to some of 2020’s worst weather (NOAA; direct to report)

12/16 - EPA Announces Intent to Strengthen Lead and Copper Regulations, Support Proactive Lead Service Line Removal Across the Country (EPA; direct to info page)

12/16 - On the Release of the 2020 Country Reports on Terrorism (State; direct to report page)

12/16 - USCIS Announces FY 2021 Accomplishments (USCIS)

12/17 - CISA Issues Emergency Directive Requiring Federal Agencies to Mitigate Apache Log4J Vulnerabilities (CISA)

12/17 - Departments of the Interior, Agriculture and Homeland Security Jointly Establish New Wildland Fire Mitigation and Management Commission (DOI)

12/17 - Statement from Associate Attorney General Vanita Gupta Regarding Settlement between U.S. Postal Service and NAACP (DOJ; see also, NAACP statement)

12/17 - EPA Announces Plans to Use First $1B from Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Funds to Clear Out the Superfund Backlog (EPA; direct to project list)

12/17 - Financial Stability Oversight Council Releases 2021 Annual Report (Treas; direct to report)

Bills Signed into Law : Dec 11 - Dec 17

Information below is from Date listed is date signed into law, and the description is an abbreviated version of bill summary available on that website.

12/16 - S.J.Res.33 A joint resolution relating to increasing the debt limit - increases the public debt limit by $2.5 trillion

12/16 - H.R.5142 To award posthumously a Congressional Gold Medal, in commemoration to the servicemembers who perished in Afghanistan on August 26, 2021, during the evacuation of citizens of the United States and Afghan allies at Hamid Karzai International Airport

Congressional Budget Office / Congressional Research Service / Government Accountability Office : Dec 11 - Dec 17

Congressional Hearings : Dec 11 - Dec 17