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U.S. Government Information: WR 12/31/22

Guide to information resources by and about the federal government.

About this page

This page is an attempt to provide current awareness of federal government reports and activities. The page will be updated weekly to provide links to important, newsworthy, or interesting material published during the previous week. The goal is to keep the links to a manageable number for readers, not to be a comprehensive listing. All links are captured in the Internet Archive if possible, and a list of earlier roundups is available.

Please keep in mind that government agencies may present material in a way that reads favorably for the government. You are encouraged to consult other resources (e.g. newspapers) for additional information and/or context.

Note (1/9/23): the GovInfo at UC San Diego Library Facebook page is being discontinued, but the weekly roundup will continue to be posted on this page. You can sign up for email notifications of updates by hovering over the Weekly Roundup tab above and clicking "Receive Notifications," then entering your email address and hitting the subscribe button on the right side of the page.

Press releases : Dec 31 - Jan 6

12/31 - Chief Justice Roberts Issues 2022 Year-End Report (Courts; direct to report; see also, Washington Post article)

1/3 - CFPB Issues Report on TransUnion, Experian, and Equifax (CFPB; direct to report)

1/3 - NIMH Creates Publicly Accessible Resource With Data From Healthy Volunteers (NIMH; direct to data repository)

1/3 - Establishing the Office of the Special Envoy for Critical and Emerging Technology (State)

1/4 - OCR Releases New Fact Sheet on Title VI Protection from Discrimination Based on Shared Ancestry or Ethnic Characteristics (ED OCR; direct to fact sheet)

1/4 - SAMHSA Announces National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) Results Detailing Mental Illness and Substance Use Levels in 2021 (HHS; direct to survey releases page)

1/4 - NLM Announces 2023 History Talks (NLM)

1/4 - Secretary Antony J. Blinken at Launch of the U.S. Strategy on Global Women’s Economic Security (State; direct to strategy page)

1/5 - DHS Continues to Prepare for End of Title 42; Announces New Border Enforcement Measures and Additional Safe and Orderly Processes (DHS)

1/5 - FBI and DHS - Strategic Intelligence Assessment and Data on Domestic Terrorism (DNI; direct to report)

1/5 - DoD Begins Implementation of Naming Commission Recommendations (DOD; see also, plan of actions)

1/5 - EPA Releases New PFAS Analytic Tools (EPA; direct to info page)

1/5 - A Disaggregated View of Market Concentration in the Food Retail Industry (ERS)

1/5 - FTC Proposes Rule to Ban Noncompete Clauses, Which Hurt Workers and Harm Competition (FTC; direct to rule page/fact sheet)

1/6 - EPA Proposes to Strengthen Air Quality Standards to Protect the Public from Harmful Effects of Soot (EPA; direct to info page)

1/6 - FCC Proposes Updated Data Breach Reporting Requirements (FCC)

1/6 - Biden-Harris Administration Releases New Guidance to Disclose Climate Impacts in Environmental Reviews (WH/CEQ; direct to guidance)

Bills Signed into Law : Dec 31 - Jan 6

Information below is from Date listed is date signed into law, and the description is an abbreviated version of bill summary available on that website.

1/5 - H.R.1082, Sami's Law - establishes safety requirements for ride-sharing companies (e.g., Uber, Lyft, or taxicabs)

1/5 - S.1942, National Heritage Area Act - requires a standard for the designation of National Heritage Areas; establishes a National Heritage Area System through which the Dept. of the Interior may furnish technical and financial assistance to local coordinating entities to support the establishment, development, and continuity of the National Heritage Areas

1/5 - S.2333, Equal Pay for Team USA Act of 2022 - requires that all athletes representing the U.S.  in international amateur athletic competitions receive equal compensation and benefits for their work, regardless of gender

Congressional Hearings : Dec 31 - Jan 6

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