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MED 264: Systematic Reviews: Getting Full-Text Articles

a resource for finding data sources and standards to support systematic searches of the biomedical literature

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Getting to Articles Online

Many databases are citation databases - they have the citation information and an abstract, but do not offer the article in full-text. 

UC San Diego Library has a special tool to help you get from the database to the article, often with just one click.  If the article isn't available full-text within the database itself, click on the orange UC-eLinks button  uc elinks to check for other online full text options. When we don't have online access to an article, we might have it in print format in the library and UC-eLinks will give you a link to our catalog, Roger, to check that too. 

From nearly all UC San Diego databases (and even in Google Scholar), you will see the UC-eLinks button.  In PubMed, you will see the button once you click on the article's title and are looking at the article's abstract. In other databases, it may be more easily visible. The following is an example of the UC-eLinks screen.

UC-eLinks makes it easy to:

  1. Check for online access
  2. Check the catalog (Roger) for the print version
  3. Use Request to have us get a copy from another library (known as interlibrary loan).  See the tab, Request Articles or Books.
  4. Format the citation information in one of 5 styles to easily paste into your bibliography - use Copy & Paste citation

Bonus Tool:  If you are not using a citation manager like Zotero or EndNote, you can easily get the citation details set in the proper order for one of 5 citation styles (e.g., APA or NLM) and in plain text ready to be copied to a Word document by using the link, Copy & Paste Citation (look under Add Citation to a Bibliography). Give it a try and select one of the different citation styles.  Copy the article information and paste it right into Word - no more retyping (or mis-typing) of article information or dealing with extraneous html coding.