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CHEM 143A-D: Organic Chemistry Laboratory: Home

Resources to help you find information (articles, data, etc.) for your organic chemistry lab experiments. Shortcut:

Wireless & Off-Campus Access

Most of the resources on these pages are licensed by UCSD. Wifi and off-campus access are restricted to students, faculty, and staff.

ACS Style Guide - Now Online!

ChemOffice & ChemDraw @ UCSD

This is a campus-wide license, funded by the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry, and Educational Technology Services (ACMS).

  • For Windows: ChemOffice Professional 16, which includes ChemDraw 16, Chem3D, and some additional programs.
  • For Macs: ChemDraw Professional 16.

PerkinElmer offers a rich collection of training webinars, shorter video clips, and other support resources.

To get ChemOffice/ChemDraw:

  • Register with PerkinElmer (formerly CambridgeSoft), using your email address.
  • Once ACMS confirms your status, they will email you the instructions to download and activate the software. Please contact ACMS ( if you have any questions, as they are the ones who manage the ChemDraw account.

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