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Linguistics Research Guide: Home

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Tamara Rhodes

Subject Librarian - Psychology, Cognitive Science, Human Development & Linguistics

Tab Contents
How Your Librarian Can Help

An overview of what your librarian can do to offer support for you

  • Connect: Scholarly Communications, Research Data Curation, Digital Collections, Teaching + Learning Commons
  • Acquire: buy and acquire resources for you
  • Assist: help you with finding research
  • Instruct: offer instruction on research techniques and strategies for you and/or your classes
Getting Started The essentials - what you need to know to get started using the library
Books & Ebooks
  • Current list of new books and ebooks
  • List of relevant call number ranges to find Linguistics material
  • How to find books and ebooks in our catalog
  • How to request books we don't have
  • How to recommend the purchase of a resource
  • How to set up Google Scholar for full text access to articles
  • How to get full text articles in databases
  • How to find articles
  • List of subject-relevant databases
  • How to find dissertations and theses
  • Tools for staying current with research
Journals (Online)
  • How to find Linguistic journals in the library catalog
  • List of select Linguistic journals


  • List of select encyclopedias useful for learning about Linguistics or a subfield
  • List of select dictionaries useful for learning about Linguistics or a subfield
  • How to find specific language dictionaries
The World's Languages
  • Various resources that examine and catalog world languages
Reviews of Current Research
  • Reviews that cite and summarize literature to give an overview of a subfield and allow one to quickly peruse summaries of the vast output of scholarly publications.

Comprehensive information on data and statistics at UCSD

  • Data Services
  • What is data
  • Frequently Used Stats
  • Frequently Used Data
  • Finding Data
  • Stat Software
  • Data APIs
  • Text Mining
  • Social Media Data
Citation Software
  • List of available citation management software and how to choose one
Citation Generators
  • Short list of citation generators
Preventing Plagiarism
  • 3 modules/tutorials on how to prevent plagiarism


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