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Linguistics Research Guide: Start Here

Your Librarian



This research guide contains useful information you may need to be successful in finding research.

Use the tabs above or the table below to find the information you need.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at any time!

Tamara Rhodes

Subject Librarian - Psyc, Cog Sci, Human Development, & Linguistics

Table of Contents

Tab Contents
How Your Librarian Can Help

An overview of what your librarian can do to offer support for you

  • Connect: Scholarly Communications, Research Data Curation, Digital Collections, Teaching + Learning Commons
  • Acquire: buy and acquire resources for you
  • Assist: help you with finding research
  • Instruct: offer instruction on research techniques and strategies for you and/or your classes
Getting Started The essentials - what you need to know to get started using the library
Books & Ebooks
  • Current list of new books and ebooks
  • List of relevant call number ranges to find Linguistics material
  • How to find books and ebooks in our catalog
  • How to request books we don't have
  • How to recommend the purchase of a resource
  • How to set up Google Scholar for full text access to articles
  • How to get full text articles in databases
  • How to find articles
  • List of subject-relevant databases
  • How to find dissertations and theses
  • Tools for staying current with research
Journals (Online)
  • How to find Linguistic journals in the library catalog
  • List of select Linguistic journals


  • List of select encyclopedias useful for learning about Linguistics or a subfield
  • List of select dictionaries useful for learning about Linguistics or a subfield
  • How to find specific language dictionaries
The World's Languages
  • Various resources that examine and catalog world languages
Reviews of Current Research
  • Reviews that cite and summarize literature to give an overview of a subfield and allow one to quickly peruse summaries of the vast output of scholarly publications.

Comprehensive information on data and statistics at UCSD

  • Data Services
  • What is data
  • Frequently Used Stats
  • Frequently Used Data
  • Finding Data
  • Stat Software
  • Data APIs
  • Text Mining
  • Social Media Data
Citation Software
  • List of available citation management software and how to choose one
Citation Generators
  • Short list of citation generators
Avoid Plagiarism
  • 3 modules/tutorials on how to avoid plagiarism


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