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Romax: Pinyin/Wade-Giles Converter

Romax for Chinese romanization conversion, Wade-Giles to Pinyin, Pinyin to Wade-Giles

Developed by Karl Lo at the UC San Diego Library

For example, 道, 老子

Tao, Taoism, Lao Tzu in Wade Giles

Dao, Daoism, Laozi in Pinyin

About this guide

This guide is designed to help you start your research papers and/or projects using library resources on the main traditions of Daoism, from its originas, through dynasties, to the present.

Resources cover Daoism in general and Daoism in China in particular. And primarily only  English-language resources are included.

If interested in Chinese-language resources, see the Subject Guide on Chinese Electronic Resources.

Note: older romaniization is Taoism (Wade-Giles) while the contemporary romanization is Daoism (in Pinyin).

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