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LIGN 143: The Structure of Spanish: Home

This online guide was specifically created for this course to help you complete your team research project.

If you have any questions, contact your librarian, Tamara Rhodes.

Library Prep

To prepare for the library orientation session on Friday, October 11th, you are required to complete the following:

Identify a distinct (i.e., non-standard) variety of Spanish
Choose a physical library resource about that variety of Spanish to bring to the orientation session

  • The "Choosing a Spanish Dialect" tab will help you with that.
  • Be sure to find a resource that you will use for your research project. By finding one before the orientation, we can spend time on addressing any issues you had finding physical sources and finding online sources.

Complete the How to Read an Article Tutorial
Complete the Creating Citations in APA Format Tutorial

These tutorials will help make sure you have the foundational knowledge to be able to (1) know exactly which section of an article to go to to find specific information and (2) decode online sources to know where they came from.



Your Librarian

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Tamara Rhodes