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Neurosciences: Articles

Help with the basics of access to library and data resources related to Neurosciences

A database is an organized collection of structured information, or data, typically stored electronically.

A bibliographic database is a collection of references to research or published literature, searchable online and updated on a regular basis, with content indexed & organized by an organization, publisher or vendor that provides access. Some bibliographic databases may be free online, many are provided for your use by the Library, which pays for a subscription or license. 

Find relevant articles efficiently by searching in a database.  Connect to databases through the Library website for full functionality such as access to the full text of journals, locating print materials, or requesting an article from another campus. 

Make an appointment with your librarian if you need help getting started.

Getting Full Text Articles

Get it at UC 

The full text of an article within a database is provided in multiple formats. Look for:

  • An HTML link
  • PDF link
  • Link to Get it at UC

The Get it at UC link will provide you options for how to access the full text of the article. If there are no online links available, this means you need to request the item through Interlibrary Loan if a print version is not available at UC San Diego. The Library will deliver the full text of an article to you free of charge. When requesting you will need your Library ID number.

Your library card/account number begins with "21822" and can be found on the back of your UCSD ID card or within the UCSD app. Enter the 14-digit number without spaces.

Subscribe to Journal Content with Browzine

To get started with BrowZine, install the app (or go to, select UC San Diego from the list of campuses, then follow the instructions to create your account. You must be on the VPN or campus protected wifi network.

selected journals via BrowZine

Setting Up Google Scholar

Set up Google Scholar for full-text access

  2. Click Settings at the top of the browser window
  3. Choose Library Links from the left-side menu
  4. Search for University of California, San Diego, Get it at UC
  5. Mark check box next to option and click forward arrow
  6. Save

When you search for articles, you will now see a secondary column with additional links on the right.  Where you see Get it at UC, you may click that link and it will take you to the article through the library databases.

(Note: If you are not logged into the VPN (see home page of this guide), when you choose an article, you will be asked to log in with your UCSD username and password)

Selected databases - the preprint server for Biology

bioRxiv is an open access preprint repository for the biological sciences hosted by the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory. As preprints, papers hosted on bioRxiv are not peer-reviewed, but undergo basic screening and checked against plagiarism

Image result for biorxiv logo.