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Affordable Course Materials and Open Educational Resources (OER) for Students: Advocacy

Get Involved! Students Make All the Difference! - a message from UCSD CALPIRG

CALPIRG is a student-run, student-funded organization that was started in the 1970s to give students a voice where decisions were being made. We have a dual mission of enacting social change and teaching students civic engagement and leadership skills. 

We run campaigns to protect the environment, tackle hunger and homelessness, and make college more affordable. 

UCSD CALPIRG is participating in the affordable textbooks campaign happening on college campuses across the country to encourage increased implementation of affordable online educational resources. In order to get this campaign running, we are collecting data from students to assess whether the high cost of course materials affects their success.

Please take the UCSD CALPIRG survey to tell us about your experience with the affordability (or not!) of textbooks.

Campus Organizer: Megan Bart