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Scholarly Communication: Workshops & Events

Scholarly Communications Workshops

Workshops and Professional Development Programming

See CONDUIT for workshop announcements and current calendar.

Find recordings, slides, transcripts, handouts and other materials from workshops and presentations on the UC San Diego Scholarly Communication Open Science Framework (OSF) site and Figshare site.

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Your suggestions and requests are most welcome! Please contact: scholcomm [at] ucsd [dot] edu


Managing Your Scholarly Identity: Reputation and Impact

This workshop covers strategies, services, and tools for curating your online profile and making your digital footprint work for you. Learn how scholars and researchers at all stages in their careers and comfort level can increase their visibility, impact, and collaborative opportunities. Take-away tools to make, track, and communicate broader impacts.

Library Support: Navigating an Increasingly Complex & Expensive Publishing Ecosystem

Health Sciences Slides and handout

UC-wide and UCSD publisher Open Access “read and publish” agreements

  • additional publishing options and support
  • choosing a publication venue

Satisfying funder requirements

  • Pubmed deposit
  • OSTP and funder requirement updates

Navigating the Information Landscape: Generating and Disseminating Knowledge Through an Ethical Lens

Humanities slides and handout

Using Bibliometrics and Altmetrics to Communicate Your Scholarly and Research Impact

Scholars and researchers, academic departments, and universities increasingly are asked to disclose the impact of their research to external funders, for promotion and tenure review, and to measure against their peers. While the practice of measuring research impact isn’t new, the availability of new tools and methods of communication has proliferated in recent years. In this workshop, you will learn about these available metrics tools, both “traditional” (like Web of Science) and “alternative” (like Altmetric), how to incorporate these into telling the story of your research impact, and learn some of the ways you can increase your visibility as a scholar. We’ll cover a variety of metrics methods and tools that allow for the communication of impact across the disciplines.

What Faculty Need to Know about Copyright and Fair Use 
Learn about copyright for all aspects of the scholarly communication lifecycle at your point of need; as both creators of copyrighted works and users of copyrighted works.

Affordable Course Materials and Open Educational Resources (OER): Taking Action to Build Structural Equity and Inclusion
While many of the benefits of using openly licensed materials remain constant, their importance is amplified as students are facing decreased bandwidth and access, and increased financial obstacles due to the pandemic. Register for this free online session as we explore strategies for ensuring your students can access and engage with the resources you need to support your instruction.

Deep dive into eScholarship for admins and super users

Workshops in Collaboration with Campus Programs

Upcoming Scholarly Communications Workshops. We'll provide access to slides and any recordings hereafter the event. If you have questions, please contact scholcomm [at] ucsd [dot] edu
Metrics, Ethics and Survival
Where: Zoom
What: CE Research Ethics Program, Ethics and Survival Skills course
Integrating Low/to No-Cost Course Materials for Student Success
Where: Zoom
What: Research shows that students do better in their courses when course materials are immediately accessible and not cost prohibitive. There is evidence suggesting that faculty (and students) are not satisfied with assigned textbooks and other curricular resources.
Find out what your options are for locating, adapting, and developing course materials that work for you, your students, and your future students while contributing your discipline or subject area.
With: UC San Diego Teaching + Learning Commons, Engaged Teaching Hub

Good Publishing Practices and the Risks of Predatory Publishing

Aug 21, 2019 workshop SLIDES linked here. For more information, contact the Library's Scholarly Communications Librarian.

In this session, you will be introduced to strategies and tools to avoid predatory publishers and conferences, risky scholarly communications, and to identify reputable publishing opportunities worth your time and resources. This training is open to all UC San Diego faculty, staff, and students and offered through the UC San Diego Research Compliance and Integrity Office (RCI) as part of the Research Compliance Hot Topics and Training Program. The program is designed to serve as an educational resource to assist the UC San Diego research community with the complexities of conducting research.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) will be available through the UC Learning Center. 

Sponsored By: the UC San Diego Library and the UC San Diego Research Compliance and Integrity Office (RCI) Research Compliance Hot Topics and Training Program.

Open Access Week Events

poster art for workshop promotion

International Open Access Week 2021 UC San Diego Library Virtual Events

Link for Information and registration


[cancelled until further notice] October 27th at 7:00 - 8:00 pm [PST] - HOW TO GET STARTED PUBLISHING AS AN UNDERGRADUATE

What does your future hold? Will you apply to research labs, to graduate school, or are you heading straight into the job market? Build up your resume by taking advantage of open access publishing. Learn about the benefits as an author and from participating on editorial boards.

At this event, hear from students who have published, are editors, as well as tips from faculty authors and journal editors.


November. 3rd at 2:30-3:30 pm [PST] - OPEN ACCESS PUBLISHING: Opportunities for UC San Diego Authors

Learn about open access publishing opportunities through the UC’s transformative agreements (open to UC authors) and other avenues open to all authors. 

The UC San Diego University Librarian, Erik Mitchell, will give an update on the UC Transformative Agreements and where we are in the process of increasing sustainable journal subscription access and OA publishing discounts or full-coverage for UC authors. 

Allegra Swift, UC San Diego Scholarly Communication Librarian, will discuss OA publishing avenues for authors whose publishing venue or format is not covered by the UC agreements.