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Also known as the Modern Newspaper in China, 1840-1949, the collection was developed by the National Library of China. It includes the historical newspapers held in NLC, such as《解放日报》《新华日报》《北京益世报》《大刚报》等,又包括地方大报如《华北日报》《冀热察导报》《绥远西北日报》《黑龙江日报》《汉口市民日报》《山东民国日报》《东南日报》《福建日报》《阵中日报(桂林)》《西康国民日报》《贵州商报》《西京日报》《青海民国日报》《宁夏民国日报》《琼崖民国日报》《新疆日报》
With 72 collections of archival primary sources spanning American social and diplomatic history, plus China, Mexico, Germany, Spain, and Japan..

American Indian Movement and Native American Radicalism
Black Economic Empowerment: The National Negro Business League
Bush Presidency and Development and Debate Over Civil Rights Policy and Legislation
Chinese Maritime Customs Service: The Customs’ Gazette, 1869-1913
Colección Revolución, 1910-1921
Correspondence from German Concentration Camps and Prisons
Country Intelligence Reports/State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research Reports China (1941-1961)
Country Intelligence Reports/State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research Reports Japan (1941-1961)
Country Intelligence Reports/State Department's Bureau of Intelligence and Research Reports Korea (1941-1961)
County and Regional Histories & Atlases: California
Cuartel General del Sur, 1910-1925
Emiliano Zapata, 1901-1919
European Colonialism in the Early 20th Century: German Colonies in Asia and the Pacific: From Colonialism to Japanese Mandates, 1910-1929
Fannie Lou Hamer: Papers of a Civil Rights Activist, Political Activist, and Woman
Federal Surveillance of African Americans, 1920-1984
Fight for Racial Justice and the Civil Rights
Final Accountability Rosters of Japanese-American Relocation Centers, 1944-1946
Franklin D. Roosevelt and Race Relations, 1933-1945
General George C. Marshall's Mission to China, 1945-1947
German Foreign Relations and Military Activities in China, 1919-1935
Global Missions and Theology
Holocaust and the Concentration Camp Trials: Prosecution of Nazi War Crimes
Integration of Alabama Schools and the U.S. Military, 1963
James Meredith, J. Edgar Hoover, and the Integration of the University of Mississippi
Japan and Korea: Summation of Nonmilitary Activities, 1945-1948
Japan at War and Peace, 1930-1949: U.S. State Department Records on the Internal Affairs of Japan
Japan-U.S. Economic Relations Group Records, 1979-1981
Japan: Records of the U.S. Department of State Relating to Commercial Relations, 1910-1949
Japan: Records of the U.S. Department of State Relating to Commercial Relations, 1950-1963
Japan: Records of the U.S. Department of State Relating to Internal Affairs, 1950-1954
Japan: Records of the U.S. Department of State Relating to Internal Affairs, 1955-1959
Japan: Records of the U.S. Department of State Relating to Political Relations, 1930-1939
Japan: Records of the U.S. Department of State Relating to Political Relations, 1940-1944
Japan: Records of the U.S. Department of State Relating to Political Relations, 1945-1949
Japan: Records of the U.S. Department of State, 1950-1959
Japan: U.S. Naval Technical Mission, 1945-1946
Japanese American Internment: Records of the Franklin D. Roosevelt Library
Japanese-American Relocation Camp Newspapers: Perspectives on Day-to-Day Life
Korea: Records of the U.S. Department of State, 1930-1963
La Guerra Civil Española
Laos: Records of the U.S. Department of State, 1963-1966
Liberia and the U.S.: Nation-Building in Africa, 1864-1918
Nazi Bank and Financial Institutions: U.S. Military Government Investigation Reports and Interrogations of Nazi Financiers, 1945-1949
Overland Journeys: Travels in the West, 1800-1880
Papers of Amiri Baraka, Poet Laureate of the Black Power Movement
Personal Justice Denied: Public Hearings of the Commission on Wartime Relocation and Internment, 1981
Policing the Shanghai International Settlement, 1894-1945
Political Relations Between China, the U.S. and Other Countries, 1910-1929
Political Relations and Conflict between Republican China and Imperial Japan, 1930-1939: Records of the U.S. State Department
Political, Economic, and Military Conditions in China: Reports and Correspondence of the U.S. Military Intelligence Division, 1918-1941
Post-War Europe: Refugees, Exile and Resettlement, 1945-1950
Ralph J. Bunche Oral Histories Collection on the Civil Rights Movement
Rastafari Ephemeral Publications from the Written Rastafari Archives Project
Records of US State Department's Division of Chinese Affairs
Records of the Far Eastern Commission, 1945–1952
Records of the National Council for United States-China Trade 1973-1983
Records of the U.S. Information Service in China: Chinese Press Reviews and Summaries, 1944-1950
SAFEHAVEN Reports on Nazi Looting of Occupied Countries and Assets in Neutral Countries
Shanghai Municipal Council: The Municipal Gazette, 1908-1940
Subject Files of US State Department's Office of the Republic of China Affairs (1951-1978)
Testaments to the Holocaust. Documents and Rare Printed Materials from the Wiener Library, London
Thailand: Records of the U.S. Department of State Relating to Internal Affairs, 1945-1954
Thailand: Records of the U.S. Department of State Relating to Internal Affairs, 1955-1963
The Chinese Civil War and U.S.-China Relations: Records of the U.S. State Department's Office of Chinese Affairs, 1945-1955
The Chinese Recorder and the Protestant Missionary Community in China, 1867-1941
The Minutemen, 1963-1969: Evolution of the Militia Movement in America, Part I
The Minutes of the Shanghai Municipal Council
The Quest for Labor Equality in Household Work: National Domestic Workers Union, 1965-1979
Tiananmen Square and U.S.-China relations, 1989-1993
U.S. Relations with the Vatican and the Holocaust, 1940-1950
We Were Prepared for the Possibility of Death: Freedom Riders in the South, 1961
“Through the Camera Lens:” The Moving Picture World and the Silent Cinema Era, 1907-1927
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Current awareness service to help you keep track of new research in your field. Create a customized list of up to 64 scholarly journals (from among hundreds of publishers) to monitor for newly published articles. Articles can be read, and organized into lists for easy retrieval. Access through BrowZine website or mobile device with an iOS/Android app. More information about BrowZine.
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Central Daily Newspaper 中央日报 is the nationalist government's newspaper from 1928-2006.. It ceased publication in 2006. The database covers the complete run from 1928-2006.
China Geo-Explorer (CGE) fully integrates different data sources from government statistics, population census and economics census of China at different levels (province, city, county, township and ZIP code) into a spatial system with more than 6,000 comparable variables for easy access.
Comprising over 1,000 titles from Mexico’s pre-independence, independence and revolutionary periods (1807-1929), the newspapers in this collection provide rare documentation of the dramatic events of this era and include coverage of Mexican partisan politics, yellow press, political and social satire, as well as local, regional, national and international news.
The press of more than twenty cities is represented in this collection, spanning the Chinese mainland and the entire half century. It provides researchers a richly comprehensive perspective on Chinese life, culture, and politics throughout the collapse of the Qing Dynasty, the years of provisional government and civil war, and the birth of the People’s Republic.
Digital primary sources modules (50) drawn mostly from U.S. archival collections.

American Indians and the American West, 1809-1971
American Politics and Society from Kennedy to Watergate
American Politics in the Early Cold War—Truman and Eisenhower Administrations, 1945-1961
Black Freedom Struggle in the 20th Century: Federal Government Records
Black Freedom Struggle in the 20th Century: Federal Government Records, Supplement
Black Freedom Struggle in the 20th Century: Organizational Records and Personal Papers, Part 1
Black Freedom Struggle in the 20th Century, Organizational Records and Personal Papers, Part 2
Confederate Military Manuscripts and Records of Union Generals and the Union Army
Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files, 1960-1969, Africa and the Middle East
Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files, 1960-1969, Asia
Confidential U.S. State Department Central Files, 1960-1969, Europe and Latin America
Creation of Israel: British Foreign Office Correspondence on Palestine and Transjordan, 1940-1948
FBI Confidential Files and Radical Politics in the U.S., 1945-1972
Immigration: Records of the INS, 1880-1930
Labor Unions in the U.S., 1862-1974: Knights of Labor, AFL, CIO, and AFL-CIO
Law and Society since the Civil War: American Legal Manuscripts from the Harvard Law School Library
Margaret Sanger Papers: Smith College Collections and Collected Documents
NAACP Papers: Board of Directors, Annual Conferences, Major Speeches, and National Staff Files
NAACP Papers: Branch Department, Branch Files and Youth Department Files
NAACP Papers: Special Subjects
NAACP Papers: The NAACP’s Major Campaigns—Education, Voting, Housing, Employment, Armed Forces
NAACP Papers: The NAACP’s Major Campaigns--Legal Department Files
NAACP Papers: The NAACP’s Major Campaigns—Scottsboro, Anti-Lynching, Criminal Justice, Peonage, Labor, and Segregation and Discrimination Complaints and Responses
New Deal and World War II: President Franklin D. Roosevelt's Office Files and Records of Federal Agencies
Office of Strategic Services (OSS)-State Department Intelligence and Research Reports, 1941-1961
Progressive Era: Robert M. La Follette Papers
Progressive Era: Reform, Regulation and Rights
Reconstruction and Military Government after the Civil War
Records of the Children's Bureau, 1912-1969
Slavery and the Law
Slavery in Antebellum Southern Industries
Southern Life and African American History, 1775-1915, Plantation Records, Part 2
Southern Life and African American History, 1775-1915, Plantations Records, Part 1
Struggle for Women's Rights: Organizational Records, 1880-1990
Students for a Democratic Society, Vietnam Veterans Against the War, and the Anti-Vietnam War Movement
Thomas A. Edison Papers
U.S. Diplomatic Post Records, 1914-1945
U.S. Military Intelligence Reports, 1911-1944
Vietnam War and American Foreign Policy, 1960–1975
Women at Work during World War II: Rosie the Riveter and the Women's Army Corps
Women’s Studies Manuscript Collections from the Schlesinger Library: Voting Rights, National Politics, and Reproductive Rights
Workers, Labor Unions, and the American Left in the 20th Century: Federal Records
World War I: British Foreign Office Political Correspondence
World War I: Records of the American Expeditionary Forces, and Diplomacy in the World War I Era
World War II: U.S. Documents on Planning, Operations, Intelligence, Axis War Crimes, and Refugees


African American Police League Records, 1961-1988
Nazi Looted Art and Assets: Records on the Post-World War II Restitution Process, 1942-1998
Pinkerton’s National Detective Agency Records, 1853-1999
Progressive Era: Voices of Reform, 1875-1945
Revolutionary War and Early America: Collections from the Massachusetts Historical Society, 1721-1860
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JSTOR Security Studies is a collection of academic and policy literature on international and national security problems and foreign policy issues from a global perspective. The collection spans a range of disciplines and covers topics such as cybersecurity, foreign policy, human security, international law, military studies, peace & conflict studies, and terrorism & political violence.
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Explore journals, e-books and research reports on environmental stresses and their impact on society. Research spans the Biological Sciences, Business & Economics, Ecology, Environmental Sciences, Law, Public Health, Urban Studies, and many other disciplines.
Official 2010 census 中国2010年人口普查资料 from the China Statistics Press, including national, provincial, municipal and country level data.
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O’Reilly for Higher Education includes more than 35K computer science, engineering, business book titles from 200+ publishers. Plus 30K+ hours of video, proven learning paths, case studies, expert playlists, audio books, and more. Access with Single Sign On after choosing University of California San Diego from the list of institutions.
Replaces the Safari Tech Books Online collection.
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Cover to cover article text and page images of the Chicago Tribune (1849-1986), Los Angeles Times (1881-1986), New York Times (1851-2005), San Francisco Chronicle (1865-1922), Washington Post (1877-1992), Wall Street Journal (1889-1991).

Also includes:

Civil War Era‎
Atlanta Daily World (1931 - 2003)
The American Hebrew & Jewish Messenger‎ (1857 - 1922)
The American Israelite‎ (1854 - 2000)
The Arizona Republican‎ (1890 - 2007)
The Atlanta Constitution (1868-1984)
The Austin American Statesman‎ (1871 - 1978)
The Baltimore Sun (1837 - 1992)
The Boston Globe (1872-1986)
Calgary Herald: (1883-2010)
Chinese Newspaper Collection (1832 - 1953)
The Christian Science Monitor (1908 - 2004)
The Cincinnati Enquirer (1841 - 2009)
Cleveland Call & Post (1934 - 1991)
Communist Historical Newspaper Collection‎ (1917 - 2013)
Dayton Daily News (1898 - 1922)
Detroit Free Press (1831 - 1999)
Edmonton Journal (1903-2010)
The Globe and Mail‎ (1844 - 2014)
The Guardian and The Observer‎ (1791 - 2003)
Hartford Courant (1764 - 1992)
Indianapolis Star (1903 - 2004)
The Irish Times and The Weekly Irish Times‎ (1859 - 2016)
The Jerusalem Post‎ (1932 - 2008)
The Jewish Advocate‎ (1905 - 1990)
The Jewish Exponent‎ (1887 - 1990)
The Korea Times‎ (1956 - 2016)
Leader-Post (Regina) (1883-2010)
Los Angeles Sentinel‎ (1934 - 2005)
Louisville Courier Journal
Montreal Gazette (1857 - 2010
Minneapolis Star Tribune‎ (1867 - 2001)
The Nashville Tennessean (1812 - 2002)
Newsday (1940 - 1989)
New York Amsterdam News (1922 - 1993)
New York Tribune / Herald Tribune (1841 - 1962)
Norfolk Journal and Guide (1916 - 2003)
Ottawa Citizen (1846-2010)
The Philadelphia Inquirer (1860 - 2001)
Philadelphia Tribune (1912 - 2001)
Pittsburgh Courier (1911 - 2002)
Pittsburgh Post-Gazete (1786 - 2003)
The Province (Vancouver) (1898-2010)
Saskatoon Star Phoenix (1902-2009)
The Scotsman‎ (1817 - 1950)
South China Morning Post
St. Louis Post Dispatch‎ (1874 - 2003)
Times Colonist (Victoria) (1884-2010)
The Times of India
Toronto Star‎ (1894 - 2015)
Vancouver Sun (1912-2010)
Windsor Star (1893 - 2010)
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SciFindern is the new interface for the most comprehensive index to the chemical literature and related sciences, including chemistry, chemical engineering, materials science, & nanotechnology. Search 52 million article, patent, and conference references, the CAS Registry of 161 million chemical substances (many include property data) & CASREACT database of 126 million chemical reactions and preparatios. Search by topic, reaction, or chemical substance (Registry number, structure, substructure). More information about SciFinder, including registration instructions. You can also continue searching classic SciFinder.
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Socialism on Film is collection of documentaries, newsreels and features that reveals the world as seen by Soviet, Chinese, Vietnamese, East European, British and Latin American filmmakers. It ranges from the early twentieth century to the 1980s and examines the themes of War & Revolution, News & Current Affairs plus Culture & Society. The whole spectrum of socialist life is here on film.
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The Databank integrates, in digital text format, all of the surviving manuscripts of the Babylonian Talmud and first printed editions. The collection will encompass all primary textual witnesses of the Babylonian Talmud, including the manuscripts of the tractates of the Babylonian Talmud of Oriental, Ashkenazic, Sephardic, or Yemenite provenance, and first printed editions. It will include hundreds of Cairo Geniza and European binding fragments of the Babylonian Talmud, many as both text and digital image.
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It’s a multidisciplinary full text journal database from mainland China.