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BrowZine - New Article Alerts for Scholarly Journals: BrowZine FAQ

BrowZine Questions

Does BrowZine cover journals in the arts, humanities, and social sciences, as well as engineering and the sciences?     

YES!! BrowZine supports hundreds of publishers (commercial, society, university presses) across all disciplines. Here's the current publisher list, with the major publishers listed first and then followed by the full list. 

Can I access all UC San Diego journals through BrowZine?     

Through BrowZine, you can access issues and articles of scholarly journals that 1) we license and 2) are covered by BrowZine. Newspapers, magazines, and other popular sources are excluded. When you search for titles on, the results will also include licensed journals that are not included in BrowZine. With these, you will be directed back to our ejournals A-Z list (UC-eLinks) to see where we do have it online.

What if there's a journal I want to add to My Bookshelf, but I don't see the title listed?     

If you can't find the journal in BrowZine, it means one of two things.
  1. We do not license the journal, which you can confirm by searching for that tile in the library catalog. At this time, BrowZine does not allow you to add non-subscribed titles to your Bookshelf, but Third Iron plans to add this feature in the future.
  2. The journal may not be in the BrowZine database, but you can make a request that it get added. Once you confirm that the publisher is not on their list, go to the content requests page and submit the journal name and URL. You can also search to see if others have request this journal. Sometimes there are metadata issues that prevent Third Iron from adding a journal.

Do I have to create an account to use BrowZine?     

You don't need an account if you only want to browse journals and read or download articles, though you do need to be on the campus network or use VPN if off campus. Otherwise you can't access the library's journal holdings or download any articles. However, having the account will allow you to sync between devices, creating your journals bookshelf, and save to My Articles.

Do I need to use VPN to use BrowZine if I'm off campus?     

Once you have created your account, you only need VPN turned on to read articles. But as long as you are logged into your BrowZine account, you should be able to add to your Bookshelf, scan tables of contents, and save to My Articles without VPN. This way, you can save an article you saw while scanning on your phone, then go to My Articles to read it later when you are on the campus network or VPN.

How can I make suggestions for improvements or new features?     

You can check the list of feature requests to add your recommendation, or upvote it if someone has already made that suggestion.

And if I have other questions about using BrowZine?     

Contact Teri Vogel (