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Global Public Health: Government Resources

California State Government Information

See the California State Government Information Research Guide to identify many useful resources. 

U.S. Government Resources

The U.S. Federal Government produces half of the published information in the United States, as well as significant unpublished information. Much of this provides information about other countries – including statistics, policies, background information, current news, and developments in international relations.  Major starting points are found via the links below.

UCSD's U.S. Government Information Research Guide  

This provides a great introduction to major access points and strategies to find U.S. government resources. Several of these resources highlighted in this research guide will help you identify specific publications (with call numbers that you can browse around to find more) that will have information on your topic.  Finally, you can simply go to the shelves with print documents (Geisel 2W) and browse by call number.  In order to find out which call number to browse in, you need to understand that US government documents and publications are organized by the Superintendent of Documents (SuDocs) Classification Scheme, which is based on US government agencies.  In order to find out what letters (stems of classification numbers) have been assigned to different agencies, you can use the list (scroll down to the bottom of the page) provided by the US Federal Depository Library Program.

ProQuest Congressional  

Congressional sources provide information on virtually every topic imaginable, including any topic in foreign relations or in another country with which the US government was/is concerned. Congressional Research Service (CRS) reports are often excellent starting points for research topics, because these are studies carried out by subject experts at the Library of Congress for government employees and members of congress, and included excellent summaries and bibliographies.


International Government Information

International Government Organizations such as the UN, and individual countries produce additional resources that are essential for research in Global Public Health.  The following research guides will help orient you to such resources:

Chinese Studies

Korean Studies

Japanese Studies

Latin American Studies

Middle East Studies

International Government Information

The UN Tab on this Research Guide