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Dar al-Mandumah provides access to a series of databases with full-text content of Arabic scientific conferences, dissertations and academic journals from 1921 to present day. Most of the content available is in the Arts and Humanities covering topics such as religion, history, literature, and more. EduSearch: contains Arabic journals and conference research papers and seminars for education and social research with coverage period starting in 1928. HumanIndex: contains academic journals, conference and seminars specialized in Humanities. Islamic Info: is a database specialized in Islamic and Legal Studies. AraBase: an Arabic language database that focuses on Arabic language sciences and literature. EcoLink: a database specialized in Economic and Management Studies. Mandumah Dissertations: a database of theses and dissertations from Arab researchers and students in various academic disciplines.

The first and basic reference for the Arab researcher in all sciences and academic disciplines, and it is a database specializing in Arab university theses (scientific theses).


AraBase is a language and literature information database of almost all periodicals, scientific journals and yearly books specializing in that field, issued in Arabic in all Arab and non-Arab countries with their full texts, in addition to the works and research of conferences and symposia in Arabic. The rule covers what has been published in Arab periodicals in the field of linguistics and literature since 1921 until now. Covers various fields of language sciences and literature, including, for example: grammar, morphology, semantics, dictionaries, linguistics, applied and comparative linguistics, phonology, art, ancient and modern Arabic literature, comparative literature, poetry, rhetoric, criticism, and other related topics.

The EduSearch database covers nearly all educational journals issued in Arabic amounting more than 220 Arab specialized magazines and journals, including, in addition, works and researches of educational conferences and forums.

EcoLink database, the Arabic database specialized in economics, management, business administration and related sciences, for example: public administration, human resource management, production management, organizational behavior, quality, strategic planning, business administration, financial analysis, accounting, budgeting, banking, marketing, micro and macro economics, Islamic economics, finance and investment, insurance, commercial law, electronic commerce, and other topics.

IslamicInfo is the first specialized Arabic database for collecting the scattered pieces of what has been published in periodicals and specialized scientific journals, and due to the close link between legal and Sharia sciences, the base has expanded to include all judicial and legal issues with its various branches.

The HumanIndex database is the leading Arabic database at the Arab and regional level and the main resource for researchers and scholars in the various fields of human sciences, as it provides specialized intellectual production directly and in the event of the issuance of periodicals and conferences. Including, for example: history, translations, biographies, geography, philosophy, arts, archeology, public relations, media, and other related topics.


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