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UC San Diego Community Resource Centers: UC San Diego Web Archives

Web Archiving Terminology

To effectively search web archives, it may help to understand a few terms used in web archiving.

  • COLLECTION:  A group of archived web documents curated around a common theme, topic, or domain. The campus resource center pages are a part of the UC San Diego Web Archives "collection".
  • SEED: The Seed URL tells the crawler where to go on the live web and acts as an access point to archived content. Within this collection, each center has a starting point or "seed" URL, the center's home page, where the crawl begins.
  • CRAWL: A web archiving operation (or "capture") that is conducted by an automated agent, called a crawler, a robot, or a spider. Crawls identify materials on the live web that belong in the collection, based on the seed URLs and scope.

Modifying the Focus

The UC San Diego Web Archives collection focus can be modified by clicking on the facets, or links, in the left column. To display only the campus resource centers, click on the Community Centers link located under the Group header. Click on the link for each Community Center to see all the dates when its site was captured.