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US-Mexican Border Studies: Beginning Your Research in US-Mexican Border Studies

Beginning Your Research on the US-Mexican Border

Information about the US-Mexican Border region can be found in a variety of formats and disciplines.   This guide is designed to direct you to major sources of information in a variety of areas.

A good way to begin searching for books is to use MELVYL, which allows you to search in all of the UC Libraries.  If you need more materials, you can then expand out to Libraries Worldwide. 

Primary sources are of particular importance in doing historical research or identifying first-hand perspectives on topics.  Some of the information may be in archives that have been digitized.  In some cases, the documents themselves may not yet be digitized, but finding aids to those collections help you identify if they can be helpful in your research.  Beneath the main "Primary Sources" tab on this research guide are several specialized pages identifying ways to access different kinds of primary sources. 

Excellent Starting Points for Many US-Mexican Border Topics Include:

Country Studies on the United States and Mexico.  These will provide you with good introductions to the US and Mexico, including such brief historical chronologies/outlines, key statistics, information on the current government structure, and current hot issues.  See the Country Information and Reports tab on the Latin American Studies Guide. 

Reference Tools Specific to the Border Region