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Many other UCSD Research Guides also point to relevant resources.  Check out the guides listed under Economics, Environmental Studies, Ethnic Studies, Government Information, International Studies, and Latin American Studies to name a few.  The International Migration Studies and Human Rights guides may be particularly relevant.

See also the U.S.-Mexico Border Planning tab on the USP 186/187: Senior Sequence guide.

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This research guide is intended to help students and researchers of US-Mexican Border Studies of all levels and in many disciplines. It lists general resources related to Latin American Studies, including books, journals, and online resources available at UCSD and within the broader UC Library System.

Use the tabs to navigate this guide, and be sure to scroll down to see the content on each page.  

Click on the tab "Beginning Your Research in US-Mexican Border Studies" to identify key, specialized resources which provide excellent starting points for many topics on US-Mexican Border (and in some cases Latin American) Studies.  Please also email me if you have additional research questions, would like to set up a research consultation, or have other suggested resources to include in this guide

KPBS News, Feb 27, 2015: Nearly 1,500 students from San Diego County and Tijuana came together on Thursday to share one message: "Unite Por El Mar," which translates to "Unite for the Sea."

Map of the US-Mexican Border Region:

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UCSD Centers and Institutes Focusing in part on Border Studies