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US-Mexican Border Studies: Archives, Collections, and Libraries in San Diego and Tijuana

Research Sites in Baja California and San Diego

Below is information on several Libraries, Archives, Organizations, and Academic Institutions situated along the In the Mexican and US Border regions of Baja California and San Diego County that may hold resources useful for your research.  They are also marked on the linked Google Map to help you navigate the city to visit them.

Orientation to Border Studies Research in San Diego and Tijuana

There are a number of academic institutions, organizations, and archives and libraries therein that may be useful for research on historical and contemporary border-studies projects both along the San Diego - Baja California and Broader US-Mexico Borders.  To learn more, click on the following pages on this guide:

BENEATH Primary Sources

Primary sources in San Diego

Primary Sources Beyond San Diego

Government Information

BENEATH (this page) Archives, Collections, and Libraries in San Diego and Tijuana 

Research Sites in San Diego

Research Sites in Baja California