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FMPH 193/194: Public Health Capstone Research Guide

Deciding Upon a Citation Tool

One at a Time or Creating Your Own Library

Many students use tools that help them create a citation - you find them in our databases, in our new UC Library Search, or tools like EasyBib or ZoteroBib. However, for this class, you will be citing quite a few articles and the effort you put into learning Zotero will "pay off" in the long run.  Use it to keep yourself organized as well as add in-text citations and automatically create your bibliography or reference list.  Plus, Zotero can help you manage PDFs (store them in Zotero so you don't need the VPN to return to them).  It can also help with annotated bibliographies and more.

Learn more about Zotero with our online guide.

Double-checking and Verifying Citations

Being Doubly Sure Your Citations are Correct

No citation tool is 100% all of the time, so it is up to you to know enough about the citation style you use to spot the problem citations or missing information.

Depending upon the source you use or where it comes from data points may be missing.  In Zotero, this is true for e-pubs ahead of print (no page numbers) that received page numbers after you captured the info or for web pages where the page creator did not have information for Zotero to capture.  There maybe other times too, but these are the common ones affecting the APA citation style.  

How do you know if the citation is complete?  We have several suggestions for you.