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Film, Video, & Streaming Media Collections: Teaching with Streaming Media

Faculty Guidance on Teaching with Streaming Media

Can I stream movies/documentaries/TV for my online class?

  • Yes, with limitations. Streaming video can be made available to students of a course for the duration of the course/lesson and if the video is relevant to the syllabus and topic of instruction. Materials of the proper type are:
    • Entire performances of nondramatic literary and musical works
    • Reasonable and limited parts of a dramatic literary, musical, or audiovisual work
    • Displays of other works, such as images, in amounts similar to typical displays in face-to-face teaching

Can I stream a whole work for my online class, or am I limited to clips and sections?

Can I stream videos from subscription based platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime for my online class?

  • Generally speaking, no. This violates most platforms' Terms of Service. However, you may find Educational Screening Rights for select titles where available (e.g., Netflix)