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Latin American Studies: Finding Books

An introductory guide to doing research in Latin American studies in the UCSD Library

Finding Books

There are many resources to use to find books at UCSD, as well as the broader San Diego, California, and Global Community.  UCSD has its own catalog and also belongs to several consortial catalogs.  

There are many strategies for carrying out your search using one or all of these tools:

One is to start with ROGER to see what you have access to at UCSD (both physically and electronically).  From ROGER you can expand out to CIRCUIT (the San Diego Library Network) or  MELVYL (which gives you access to the University of California Network or the Global Library Consortium, WorldCat.)

Alternatively, you can start with MELVYL which draws its records from WorldCat (a consortial, global library catalog).  From there you can drill down to materials in the University of California System and UCSD.  Please note that the default level of searching and results for MELVYL is "Libraries Worldwide" (WorldCat).  Once you have run an initial search, you can change this to University of California Library or UC San Diego Library by clicking in the correct check box in the Library box on the left. 

Other resources, including HaithiTrust, Cibera, and the Handbook of Latin American Studies provide additional citations.  The advantage to beginning with MELVYL and then expanding to broader searches or narrowing to more narrow ones is that the MELVYL interface pulls in databases (so you can search for articles at the same time that you search for books) and it also includes faceting, which helps you to narrow down the results of your search by format, subject, or other criteria.  On the other hand, starting with ROGER  lets you identify local resources you can access right away, and you can do the same search in a broader catalog (Circuit or Mevyl) by clicking on the link on the right.

Other Resources include: