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HIEA 166: Creating Ming Histories: Home

This is a guide to library resources on the Ming dynasty, including online catalogs, research tools, and select article databases

HIEA 166: Creating Ming Histories

This guide is designed to help you start your research papers or projects using library resources on the Ming dynasty.   

Off-Campus or Remote Access

Many online resources are subscription-based and paid for by the UCSD Libraries.

Viewing from off-campus is restricted to only current UCSD faculty, staff, and students.

When off-campus, you will need to connect your computer to the UCSD network to get access to these resources.

Two ways to do this:

  1. Proxy server 

  2. Virtual Private Network (VPN)

For more information or help with off-campus access, contact the ACMS Help Desk.

Romax: Pinyin/Wade-Giles Converter

Romax for Chinese romanization conversion, Wade-Giles to Pinyin, Pinyin to Wade-Giles

Developed by Karl Lo at the UCSD Libraries

Getting Started at the Library

  • The Libraries' orientation newsletter, Navigator

  • Short tutorials on library research, Get Started!

  • To photocopy, or print from library computers, use your UCSD ID card

  • Libraries' open and close hours, see Library Hours

  • To see what your instructors have put on Reserves

Ask a Librarian

Get help when you need it. Check out the options.