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Music: Finding books and articles

Find books and articles on music, CDs, DVDs, etc., online audio or video, and scores.

Finding Books and ebooks

There are several approaches to finding books on a music topic. In general, start by using the advanced search in UC Library Search, and limiting your search results to material type Books. If the list of search results is too long, select one of the more relevant items, scroll through most of the catalog record until you find the subject headings, then click on those.

You may also wish to use subject headings in your initial search. The subject headings include phrases such as "criticism and interpretation" that can be combined with a name in a keyword search: 

Coltrane criticism interpretation

Similarly, subject heading terms such as "analysis and appreciation" can be combined with a genre term:

Brahms Symphonies analysis and appreciation


Oxford Music Online Icon
Access point for The Oxford Dictionary of Music, The  Oxford Companion of Music, Grove Music Online, and others. See below for sources with more depth of coverage on American music  and world music.

Grove Music Online Icon

Use this link to limit your search to Grove Music Online, the most significant English language music encyclopedia. Contains over 57,000 articles written by over 6,000 scholars.

Grove Dictionary of American Music, 2nd edition Icon
The largest reference publication on American Music (including Latin America), this second edition provides expanded coverage particularly in the areas of popular music, cities and regions, ethnic and cultural groups, and music technology.

Music Online: Garland Encyclopedia of World Music Icon
Articles on ethnic and folk music worldwide, describing national and specific musical genres, practices, instruments, performances, and the cultural context.

Featured resource: Rolling Stone Archive

Music Databases

Multidisciplinary databases

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