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Chinese Studies: Trial Database(s)

This introduction is geared towards upper level undergraduate students, graduate students, faculty, and researchers. English and Chinese language resources are included.

Trial databases

VPN is needed for off-campus access

中国地方历史文献数据库 (1-4期)。Good through 12/18/2023 




Party and Government Documents in English (PGDiE)  Good through 10/31/2023


Description: Party and Government Documents in English (PGDiE) is a unique collection of official documents in English, covering various levels of Chinese government, Communist Party of China (CPC) and National People's Congress (NPC) from authoritative sources from 1921 onwards. It is an invaluable resource for research on the history of Communist Party of China (CPC), the Chinese government, and National People's Congress (NPC). Party and Government Documents in English (PGDiE) offers a rewarding research and discovery experience with an extensive collection of materials in the research on the Chinese Government and the Communist Party of China. It has supported research needs at academic libraries and government agencies with rich and invaluable contents.


Three newspaper titles from Shanghai Library



时事新报》 1911-1949