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LTEN 132: James Joyce: Article-Length Criticism

Printed Bibliographies

There are also printed bibliographies that are useful for Joyce studies. Here are a few. The first resource is located in the SSHL Reference Collection; the next three are in the SSHL stacks, and the last three are in storage but can be requsted by using the "Request" button on the Roger record.

Article-Length Criticism

Roger does not index scholarly journals or magazines down to the article level. To find scholarly and critical articles about Joyce, you need to use either online bibliographic databases (below in red), printed bibliographies (to the left in orange), or browse in Joyce-related journals (to the right in blue).

Online Bibliographic Databases

There are two online bibliographic databases that index virtually all significant scholarly articles about Joyce. They also index some books, dissertations, websites, and other resources. Each citation has an orange button labeled "UC eLinks" which enables you to see if the UCSD Libraries has the article either in an online detabase or in the original print format.   

Browsing Journals

It is possible to browse directly in journals, either in print format or online. However, by not using one of the bibliographic databases in the box to the left, you risk not finding references to relevant articles in other journals. Nevertheless, here are some journals that typically include scholarly and critical articles about the work of James Joyce:

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