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CHEM 187: Foundations of Teaching & Learning Science (Winter 2024): Home

About This Guide - Contact Information

The Library's research guide for CHEM 187 lists resources and tools to help you with your topic papers. If you need more chemistry-specific resources, visit the Chemistry and Biochemistry Research Guide

Please contact me at if you have questions about accessing or using these resources or want to schedule a research consultation. (Short URL:

Are you looking for recent, empirical, peer-reviewed sources on your topic?>
Go to the Journal Articles tab and search one or more of the databases for articles.
Are you looking for background sources that summarize or synthesize the "state of the research" on your topic?
Go to the Books and Encyclopedias tab and search the library catalog and/or the selected sources listed.
Are you looking for ways to improve your online searches to find more relevant sources?
Go to the Search Strategies tab for ideas on crafting good searches, refining results, and using one article to find others.